adventure we go! (not edit)

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Lillys POV

After i was getting tired of arguing with those two idots i decided i need some fresh air. So i asked Elizabeth if she wanted to come.

As we walked towerds the pack gates Elizabeth suddenly stoped "i cant go outside the pack gates" she told me and eyed the gates like if they were some evil things.

"Its okay your with me and i want to show you somthing really cool" i told her and she looked up at me.

Elizabeth nodded and took my hand and we both walked out of the pack gates in with out being cought.

Okay so yes i know that the outcast is still out there but i just cant be tamed in that pack grounds or the house.

And besides i wanted Elizabeth to see nature herself outside of the those pack gates and away from her snob mother who never let her go.

We both jumped on rocks to crosse a small stream. "Eliz why dosent your mother let you go outside the gates" i asked her.

She jumped on another stone and watched as the the stream as little Orange fishes swam by. "She says its dangerous for a little girl to go outside, becuse im going to be alpha one day" she looked up at me.

"But that dosent mean you cant have fun" i told her and jumped to the other side. Elizabeth stood there facing me "lil-" she stoped right before she sliped on a stone and fell into the small stream.

"Elizabeth!" i yelled only to see her smiling and laughing.

The stream was wide but it only made it to Elizabeths ankle.

I smiled and she splashed water at me. "Hey!" i yelled and jumped back into the stream ditching my shoes and splashing water at Elizabeth.

She still was laying in the stream. Her plain white T-shirt which had mud spots around it and her black shorts were wet.

Elizabeth giggled and through her shoes back. She stood up and ran ahead up the stream.

I had no idea were she was going but i follwed her chasing after her. Running through the stream with our bare feet.

Elizabeth stoped and grabed a branch from a tree that stood next to a raspberry tree.

I had an idea i cheaked my pocket and felt the two pocket knifes i always carry. "Elizabeth grab more branches ima show you how to make a crosse bow" i told her.

The sun was starting to seat and the last rays of sunshine made the clouds look like pink cotten candy.

And there i was showing a little girl how to use a pocket knife and shave the wood. We were still wet and as the moon came you could hear the cricket chirp.

The fire flys came out and Elizabeth stoped what she was doing and tried to catch one. I laughed and tried to catch one as well and i did.

I showed Elizabeth "woah there so small but so cool!" she breathed and stared at the fire fly in my hand.

It was some where near 11 when we fished the bows and headed back to the pack.

When we arrived anna was the first to yell

"Elizabeth!!! Where have you been" she yelled and ran towerds her taking her in her arms.

Just then some very large men came and grabed both my arms "what the hell let me go!" i yelled but they wouldent.

"You took the alphas daghter beyond the gates with out permission" one of them answerd.

"Send her to the cells" anna ordered and kept hugging Elizabeth.

"Mommy no! " Elizabeth cried.

I tried to escape but couldent

"Hanna!!" i yelled

"Hanna!" i yelled through mind link but nothing.

Hello my darlings
Muhahahah!! So i just wanted to say that my new book rouge queen came out and id love it if you could just take a minute to check it out. But you dont have to of course.

And i am now saying this book will have a sequel to it becuse i have some amazing plans for the future and thats basically it. Well see yous darlings in the next chapter

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