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Jess was deemed valedictorian and was constantly asking Billie for help with writing her speech out— a task that the blonde girl was more than willing to help out with. The Stanley girl deserved to be their class valedictorian, simply because of how involved she was with every aspect of the school. The amount of clubs she was in alone was insane, so in Billie's mind, there was no one better suited to give that speech at their graduation.

Billie on the other hand was keeping busy by crafting invites to the graduation barbecue her mother wanted to host on her behalf. So far, Embry and Bella were at the top of her list, followed by others who were closest to her and her mother. The Chief was also near the top of her list, Katherine insisting that it'd be rude to invite Bella and not her father (surely for no other reason, right?), and for that same reason, she wrote down Billy Black's name under Jacob's.

Even though she hadn't seen the boy in a while, tensions rising between his friendship with Bella, she figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Plus, she didn't want anyone to feel excluded, as she knew she'd feel that way had she not received an invitation to a good friend's graduation celebrations.

She pointedly left out her father's name, knowing that despite moving in across the street, she'd yet to see him other than the first day he and Kate came by. She'd catch occasional glimpses of him in the mornings, dressed in a pristine suit heading towards his car, coincidentally around the same time as she had to leave for school. Yet, other than that, he was making no effort to engage with her— just like it had always been.

College acceptances were also due by the end of the month, meaning Billie had to decide from one of her three top offers. Seattle University, Bellevue College, and even Pepperdine wanted her to join their ranks, and as much as the two Washington schools interested her, her heart was leaning towards Pepperdine and it's gorgeous, sunny Malibu campus.

Katherine wasn't a fan of Pepperdine, only because it was out of state and a lengthy travel away from Forks. She'd gone to Seattle U and turned out just fine, but as much as she was eager to push her daughter in that direction, she knew the choice was Billie's.

In thinking about college, and the future as a whole, it made Billie itch to put on that yellow graduation gown and throw her cap into the air. She was ready to embark on a new journey, as a human.

The looming promise of her becoming a vampire, like Alice had seen in her vision, was a reoccurring thought she had at night time when she was alone. The ever-so bubbly Billie was usually reduced to silent sobs at her future being so grim, so undead.

Bella might've wanted that as her future, but Billie sure as hell did not.

She wanted to go to college, get a nine to five job somewhere out of state, and wanted to tan in the sun without sparkling like a rhinestone. Through her tears, she held onto hope that her time to turn would come later instead of sooner.

It didn't help with Aro breathing down her neck all the time— figuratively, of course. Although she did enjoy his active engagement with her, his occasionally cheeky comments, and random questions about the human behaviours she exhibited, it was just a constant reminder of what was bound to happen.

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