Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

"Where am i?" The first question i muttered the moment i opened my eyes. I tried to sit down but i can't. What's the matter with me?

"Don't try to stand, Dana." I tried to sit again but, "Aargh!" He tried to help me but, "Don't you fckin' dare touch me!"

"Sorry, i was just trying to help you."

"I don't need you. Ano ba kasi ang ginagawa mo dito? Planning to rape me again? This time in a hospital? Great. Just fcking great, Andrei Guzman." I smirked at him. I'm trying to sound cool but truly, my head is aching. It's killing me.

"I never did rape you, Dana. Kung makikinig ka lang sana sa paliwanag ko.." 

"Shut up." I stopped him. I'm tired of hearing explanations and i'm tired of forgiving those people who hurt me. I realized that people don't deserve second chances. What's the point of forgiving if there's a second chance and then they'll do the same thing again and the cycle continues. That's pure hypocrisy.

"Go out, will you?" He's just staring at me so i tried to stand to open the door for him. "Aaargh! Fck it! My arms!" 

He helped me stand up because i fell on the floor, "Let go of me, jerk!"

"Kahit ngayon lang, kalimutan mo muna yung pride mo. Aminin mo sa sarili mo na kailangan mo ng tulong, hindi mo kaya ng nag iisa.."

"Pride na lang natira sa'kin. Kinuha mo na yung dignidad ko, pati ba naman pride? Ganun ka na ba ka selfish, ha?!"

"Hindi ko naman kinuha yung dignidad mo. Ilang beses ko ba uulitin? Ilang beses ba ako hihingi ng tawad bago mo ako patawarin? Ilang beses ba ako mag eexplain bago mo ako pakinggan? Sabihin mo kasi sawang sawa na ako sa pagsigaw mo sa'kin. Nahihirapan na ako tuwing pinapaalis mo ako. At nasasaktan ako kasi alam kong ako yung dahilan kung bakit ka nagkakaganyan.." Then a tear fell from his eyes then followed by another and another. The next thing i know, he's crying.

I just stare at him and let him cry. I don't know. I can't move. I feel nothing. I-i can't explain myself.

"Andy? Why are you crying?" My mom entered and she saw him crying and me staring at him. Great. Now, i'm the villain in my own story. Just great.

"Nothing, auntie. I just remembered something. I better go." She kissed mom on the cheeks then he went outside.

"Now, what happened?" She's serious.

"I slapped him. Contented? Now tell me, why the fck am i here?"

"I can't believe it. What have you done to my daughter?" She cried. "Shut the drama, mom. I won't buy it. Why am i here?"

"First, you collapsed on the roadside and broke your arm and luckily, Andy helped you. Ganun ka ba magpasalamat? Sasampalin mo siya?"

"What? I collapsed? Why? When?"

"Drug overdose, it's been three days since you collapsed. Alam kong may problema ka simula nung nagbreak kaso ni Cyriel, pinabayaan kita pero hindi ko naman alam na aabot ka sa ganito.."


"Drugs. Ecstasy. Overdose. It could've killed you!"

Drugs? I'm doing drugs? Since when?

Josh! Oh my God! He drugged me!

"Tell me, who are you doing drugs with?"

"I-i don't know.." Why the heck am i protecting that maniac?

"Tell the truth or i'll send you to a rehab?! I'm dead serious!"

"Then send me. I don't care. My life is a mess." 

"You're grounded. No car, condo, atm, credit card, no everything!"

"Why don't you just kill me? That would be better, you know?"

"I don't believe it! You'll stay in our house or help me God, i'll disown you!"

So, it's official. Dana Kathryn Ferrer is broke. No money, no car, no lover, no friends. Lucky me, right?

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