Bonus Chap [s]

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Firstly thanks for the 125k+ reads and 5k+ votes.
It's huge for me.

Secondly Bonus Chaps are coming!
A gratitude for everything.
And cuz many were suddened by the ending so, I'm planning to update bonus chaps of the book atleast 4 to 5 chaps.

Thirdly, I wanted to know if there is something you wanted to happen in the book but didn't happen.
Tell me in comments, I'll add in the bonus chaps.

Fourthly, the bonus chaps will have Yn not Dohee because of the extreme comments, I'm getting everyday lately.

Fifthly, Lol--- I don't know what to say but I love you guys. Feel loved from me, honestly.

Lastly, I'll start updating the chaps once I'm done with my paper work, I have 40+ papers, I've to work on but will finish soon. For sure, next week cuz it's the deadline.
I was sleeping during the holiday forgetting about work but the advantage is my hand is fast and I love writing so no problem.
I'll be fine.

By the way, Our WWH is coming next month!!
I'm so happy.
Can't wait to see him back.

For more updates from me, follow me up on my account. It will make me happy.


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