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Art by the amazing InotXias

I wrote some parts of this like 2 years ago, so keep in mind it may be cringe lol (warning: contains pups and mpreg!!)


I hold the pregnancy test in my hands, staring at the two lines showing on it. My heart thunders in excitement and uncertainty. I'm pregnant. With Daemon's pup.

I take a deep breath, walking out of the bathroom to where he sits on the bed, waiting in anticipation. He looks up at me, eyes wide, searching for an answer within my expression.

I tear up, nodding, and within seconds he's up and crushing me against his chest. I hug him back with all my strength, sniffling into his shirt as he kisses me all over my head, then my forehead, and then leaning down to my lips.

I smile at him as he presses our foreheads together, his eyes wet and glistening. "Really?" he asks softly.

I nod. "You're going to be a father," I whisper up at him, cupping his face in my hands.

At my words, he buries his face in my neck, pulling me onto the bed. "There are no words to happy I am right now," he murmurs against my skin, his stubble tickling me and I giggle softly.

"We're going to have a pup!" I exclaim giddily, kissing his face. "Our pup,"

He nods, smiling at me, cradling my body against his, holding me as close as he can. Our hands entwine and we stay like that, warm in each other's embrace, reeling over the news of the pup.

I don't mind having my first pup at 22. We're both young, but we've both been so ready to have one. Hell, I've wanted one since I was 18! I get baby fever from practically every child I see and don't get me started on the little kid clothes sections in stores. They have the cutest little shoes and onesies for the babies to wear. I've been wanting to have a pup of my own so bad, the product of Daemon and I, so that dream becoming a reality is more than anything I could ever ask for.

I already know I'm going to spoil my pup with love and affection, which is exactly how it should be. Daemon and I are going to be the best parents we can be. We'll both be taking on our official roles of Alpha and Luna later this year, so it's going to be pretty hectic, but I know that everything will work out just fine with my mate beside me.

Daemon can't seem to let go of me the entire night, happiness and warmth overflowing from him to me. His hand strokes over my still flat stomach, marveling at what's growing inside there. I cuddle against him, my heart feeling light.

We're going to be a family.


Being pregnant is fucking hard. I'm still having morning sickness 14 weeks in, and it seems like I'm always going to the doctor because Daemon is terrified something is wrong with me.

The doctor assures us that I'm fine and that the pup is growing healthily. She gives me some guidelines to follow for when I'm pregnant—no alcohol or raw fish, things like that.

When we get my first ultrasound Daemon is ecstatic, looking at the faint outline of the pup growing inside me through the monitor. He holds my hand the entire time, giving off his scent to soothe me as the doctor touches my pregnant belly. Neither him or I like anyone touching it, but for the sake of my health we let it happen.


I'm 6 months into the pregnancy now and...oh boy. My stomach has grown quite a lot already, courtesy of my giant mate. I already know we're gonna have basketball player babies. Daemon makes fun of how I waddle when I walk because my stomach makes it so hard to navigate my way around.

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