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Embry Call just looked at her like she was stupid. "Why are you asking me? I'm not the one going."

"Because I've been asking around, and the consensus is nine people for Seattle, and a whopping two for Pepperdine... and one of those Pepperdine votes is myself."

He grimaced. "Tough crowd."

Billie shrugged, hovering near the kitchen island where her friend was making a late lunch for them. It was the Friday afternoon of the big deadline, and the Burbank girl had until midnight to click accept on one of her acceptances. So, naturally when the school bell rang, she drove over to the Call residence to get a final word of advice from her friend.

"I had a dream that I took a year off, found myself and all that mojo, before deciding," she told him, passing him a few pieces of lettuce from a container in the fridge. "But I think that's cause I just don't want to decide."

"So take a year off," Embry proposed, holding up a tomato in her direction with a raised brow. She shook her head, declining, before he sliced some for his own sandwich. "Shit, take two years off; that way we could enrol somewhere together."

She snorted at his optimism, wishing it were that simple. "My mom would have my head on a stick if I did," she laughed, taking the plate that Embry was holding out to her before they migrated to the kitchen table. "Her whole outlook on college is get a degree first, take a year off later."

Embry hummed. "That'd be cool too," he said through his chewing, and Billie had to kick his shin lightly to get him to finish before speaking next. "What would you do, if you had a year— before or after?"

"Travel," was her instantaneous reply. "I wanna immerse myself in as many cultures as possible, I think."

At that, Embry's eyes seemed to light up. "Immersing yourself in different cultures, huh?" he smiled, "would you wanna start that sooner than later?"

"What do you mean?" she asked after she swallowed down a bite of her Turkey sandwich.

"We're having a bonfire next week–ish, and all the ancient ass Quileute legends get spilled," he told her, stealing a cucumber off her plate that had fallen from her sandwich. "Given that you're my imprint, you've been invited this time around."

Billie's smile was blinding at the offer. "I wouldn't miss it for the world, dude," she stated happily, and it earned her an equally as radiant smile from the boy across from her.

Oh, how good it was to be involved.

˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚

Billie had her laptop in her hands when she knocked on the door to her mother's office. She heard a shout sound from within, and slowly creaked the door open.

"You're up late," she said to Katherine, noticing that it was nearing ten o'clock and her mother was usually tucked in with a face mask on before nine thirty.

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