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Rudra"s pov


I make her sit in my lap and comforted her back.
"I'm not finished; I want more," I whispered in her ear.

"No!" she exclaimed, her pleading eyes bearing witness to the trust she had in me, that I do as I say.

I smirked and whispered, "You never listen, do you?"

"I'm too tired. How can we go for another round? You're humiliating me," she drawled, tracing circles on my chest.

"We have to do at least six to seven rounds; it's just a warm-up, bachaa," I controlled my laughter.

She pulled away from the hug, "You're such a Lichad chipku, why aren't you ashamed?," she looked into my eyes, blinking.

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"You should have thought before marriage, Bachaa, now nothing can be done. Just bear with me. And you'll leave this room only when I finish. I've just started," I winked.

"Nothing will happen now. If you force me, you'll have to bear it. And open my hands first". Forweded her hands towards me.

"Give me a kiss first, then I'll think about untying you," I requested.

She rolled her eyes, leaned towards me, and gave me a soft peck on my cheeks.
I untied her hands.

"Now let me go. I have many works to do," she started leaving the bed.

"Go go , if you can walk," I smirked, lying down and resting my head on my hand.

"Ouch," she exclaimed as soon as she stepped forward. "What did you do to me?"

"I, I suddenly jerked upright and sat on the bed. "I placed my fingers on her chest, and said, "Who gave the Blowjob? You were ignoring me?? who were you teasing? How did you become innocent?
I acted innocent.

"Keep blaming, don't do anything now," she said as she winced in pain.

"I've been saying let's do something, you're the one refusing," I replied.

"Ouch," i exclaimed .

she began pulling my hair. "Once I'm fine, I won't let you go," she said.

"Then don't let go," I said, resting my head on her chest and pulling her into my arms.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Them," I replied, taking her nipple into my mouth as she was in her lingerie only.

"Ahhh rud..."

"I am deaf," I whispered and squeezed her breast.

"No, pl....." she panted heavily, rolling her head backward.

"Say yes, darling, as you don't have a choice," I nibbled on her breast.

"No, ahhhhh," she clenched her fists on the bedsheet.

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