Sasta Nasha

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Aadvik said to Ishani “ Come with me. I have to show something. “

Ishani replied” I am not interested. Let's Just quickly leave. Everyone has already left Mr. Mehta. “

Aadvik replied” It will just take a few minutes.”

Ishani said “ Then I will wait here. You can go by yourself. “

Aadvik thought ‘“ Whom will I propose then? “ And said “leave it, let's go then. “

With that They both sat inside the car and Aadvik texted Karan ” Not now! She refused me to go" and he kept the phone on the dashboard after closing the app.

Aadvik started the car and a few minutes later his phone rang.

Aadvik asked Ishani to check the call.

Ishani took his phone but when he asked "Whose call is it?"

Ishani thought “ it's the perfect time to get clear about his relationship with her” and replied in a low voice "Lakshita"

Aadvik was about to take his phone from her hand but Ishani says "You are driving so l will turn on the speaker mode."

Aadvik said " No need. I will..." But before he could complete the sentence,she picked up the call on speaker.

Lakshita said “Hello."

Aadvik replied “ hello lakshita, is it something related to work?"

Lakshita replied " I have not called you for any work purpose."

Ishani looked at the phone immediately in confusion and thought "What does she want? I think i was right"

Aadvik replied”Then, I will call you later."

Ishani thought "Why can't he talk now?
They are hiding something for sure. No doubt he didn't want to talk with her in front of me and I was thinking about any girl from London. But yesterday he told me to consider this marriage. I knew man can't be trusted"

Lakshita replied with excitement evident in her voice“ Tomorrow is holi. I want to talk about that. This will be our first holi after you returned  “

Ishani thought “ Our ?”

Aadvik replied” Oh, I am driving. We will talk about this later. “

Lakshita replied “ Okay don't forget to call back. I will arrive at your house to meet everyone and especially you for holi”

Aadvik said “ Byiee “

Ishani cut the call and thought with frustration “ Our, especially meeting you..“

Ishani asked to him “ Mr. Mehta, how long are you both friends? “

Aadvik asked her in confusion “ both? Who?“

Ishani replied “ Nothing! “ and rolled her eyes in frustration while thought “ First acting drunk and now dumb”

Ishani looked towards the window and thought “ Lakshita will also come at holi. After all, Aunty(Aadvik mom) likes her too and they are family friends. And she will meet Mr. Mehta too. Now i am very much sure about their relationship. There is nothing to ask.“

At Tanvi's house

Karan was lost in looking at Tanvi , her wet hair especially while she was frustrated because of getting drenched in water.
Tanvi said without even looking at him “ I will bring another towel for you. “

Karan didn't respond to her anything.

She went and came back bringing the towel for him and forwarded to give it to him.
Karan was completely lost looking at her that he didn't even realize it.
Tanvi said “ Take it ? “ He didn't hear it. Tanvi again said in a little  high voice “ Karan! “

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