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A growl was sent Sam's way, and the alpha didn't take any offence given the situation; Billie's tear tracks on her cheeks were a testament to the pain she was experiencing that radiated from her ankle— something Embry didn't appreciate. So, Sam merely deposited the blonde girl into the boy's arms before leading them inside.

"Did you trip over your own two feet again, Billie?" Embry asked with an eye roll before setting her down on the couch. He took a seat right next to her, needing to be in his imprint's space now that she was hurt.

Her ankle had began to swell, and Sam went to go get an ice pack. "Tripped over a log this time," she responded with a choked laugh, leaning her head onto Embry's shoulder in an attempt to soak up the heat his body was producing. "Thought I saw something and fell."

That last part was whispered out, as though Billie was afraid to utter the words out loud, but both shifters heard it as clear as day. Sam came back into the room, placing the ice pack onto her ankle  and crouching in front of her. "Tell me what really happened out there."

Billie swallowed, ignoring the sting radiating from her foot. "I think I was being followed," she couldn't help but mumble out, eyes averted to the space on the floor in front of Sam.

Both shifters stiffened significantly, thinking perhaps she'd had a run in with a certain vampire they were trying to track. "Did you see who?" Embry questioned immediately. His gaze flickered to Sam's, also asking, "did you catch a scent?"

Sam was quick to tell the boy what information he knew, and paired it with a sigh through his nose. "The only thing out of place on the trail was Billie," he supplied, and the pinched look on his face was telling to the fact that he was trying to relive what he'd witnessed. "Nothing was out of the ordinary..."

The blonde girl took that as her chance to share what she had seen, even before she entered the trail from the street. "Someone tall, and they didn't have an umbrella," were the key details she told them. "I don't know— I just kept getting this weird feeling."

"What kind of feeling?" Sam asked with furrowed brows.

Billie thought about it for a moment, really trying to formulate what she had felt in the woods into words. "It didn't just feel like I was being watched," she shook her head, and when her breathing seemed to hitch slightly, Embry's arms wrapped around her more firmly. 

"It felt like I was being hunted."

˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚

Embry didn't leave Billie's side for the rest of the afternoon, even when his mother had tried summoning him home for dinner. Once Emily returned home from the grocery store, she called Tiffany Call herself to ensure her that they'd be having dinner at the Uley residence— Billie obviously included.

Emily also had to call Katherine Burbank on Billie's behalf, considering that the girl's phone must have slipped from her pant pocket when she'd fallen. Sam ensured her that he'd send one of the boys to try and retrieve it before the bonfire, which they were presently headed to.

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