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Aarushi's p.o.v


I'm coming towards the garden area.. Before I could reach Rudra, someone hugged me.

"Hello beautiful," he shouted.

I was shocked by his sudden action.
He's Rudra's cousin whom I've only seen in pictures. He didn't attend our wedding, so this is our first meeting, which is quite surprising. How we met...

"Hiiiii", I composed myself.

"Do you recognize me or not?" he was excited.

"Why wouldn't I recognize Rohan, right?"

"Exactly," he bowed in front of me.

"Hame dil main jagah dene ke liye bhut bhut sukriya Mohtarma" he said.

[Thank you, madam, for making a place for me in your heart]

I chuckled at his flirting skills.

"Sometime i feel jealous, He's very lucky, Hayeee , he said, placing his hand on his heart.

I felt a bit uncomfortable hearing this line, so I maintained my fake smile.

I removed my gaze from Rohan and looked towards Rudra, who was staring at me intently.

"U na Feriye hamse nigahe ki dil abhi bhra nahi Rohan diverted my attention towards him."

[Don't look away from me , my heart is not
Yet satisfied]

Lagta hai ise bhi mere hath ke ladoo khane ka man hai , bechara kha nhi payega lekin.

[[It seems he also really wants to eat ladoos, but I won't be able to feed him poor thing.]]

"Your Bhabhi makes delicious ladoos too. Will you have some, Rohan?" Rudra said, placing his hand on Rohan's shoulder and side hugging him.

How does he read my mind evrytime??

"Hii Bhai , how are you?" Rohan hugged Rudra tightly.

"I would even eat poison if your Bhabhi feeds it to me with love," Rohan said, breaking the hug.

My eyebrows raised, and I was confused. What is this man trying to do, flirting in front of my husband?

"Pyaar se to wo sirf mere liye hi krti hai kuch bhi , sabke liye ye Suvidha Uplabdh nahi hai " Rudra said, asserting his ownership.

[She does it with love only for me; its not available for everyone]

"Relax bro, I was just joking. No need for the death stare. Don't you have any sisters Bhabhi?," Rohan pleaded with puppy eyes.

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