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The architecture blended modern buildings with historic landmarks, creating a unique atmosphere that reflected both the university's rich history and its forward-thinking ethos. Lush green spaces and tranquil courtyards provided peaceful retreats for study and relaxation, while the abundance of state-of-the-art facilities supported academic excellence and innovation.

The campus was buzzing with excitement that weekend, as many incoming freshmen and their families migrated to come take a look at what the university was going to offer them come the fall.

Katherine was held up at work with a particularly strenuous case that had had her stressed for the last few weeks, so Billie was braving the college tour alone.

She'd ended up taking Bella's advice, even with said advice being as cryptic as it was, and was trying to make the most of it. She was staying overnight, her mother making some arrangements at a hotel near the school, and was doing exactly what her friend wanted.

She deserved a medal, really.

Billie was able to drive her new car to the campus, using her new phone that Jane must've stolen from somewhere and it's upgraded GPS features to help her get there. The first thing she noticed was a text from an already saved number, one that made it clear Jane must have logged into the device before Billie even got her hands on it.

Aro Volturi
I do not enjoy you venturing off by
yourself, but I trust your judgment.
Any unease and you will let me know,
and i shall have it sorted. X

Apologies; I know my grammar.

Appreciate it! :)


So, Billie Burbank was tagging along with some fellow stragglers amidst the multitude of tours taking place. She pointedly chose to avoid the optional tour of the law facilities, opting for the generalized tour of the library instead.

Luckily the university had swapped her programs ahead of the term, meaning that when classes were to be chosen come mid-summer, Billie would be selecting all the art history courses she wanted.

Katherine was supportive, and Billie mentally scolded herself for ever thinking that her mother wouldn't in the first place. She rarely gave much thought to her father, knowing that if he caught wind of such a change, he would probably be having a stroke in the Davidsons old place.

The thought of that made her smile as their upperclassman guide took them through the multi-storied library.

She wanted someone to record his reaction to her pursuing art history rather than corporate law or litigation. So yeah, for the first time in her life, she was relishing in sparking even the tiniest bit of disappointment in him.

Maybe Seattle University would give her the fresh start she needed away from the chaos that was unfolding in Forks. The Swan girl didn't have the luxury of waiting around— the Volturi wanted her to change as soon as possible, whereas Billie took the information Edward had given her and used it to her advantage. And it worked, considering she was enrolled in full time studies.

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