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The specs of dust fluttering around, the sound of critters crawling along the concrete ground, the morning sun that had casted a gleam of yellow in the sky from the barred window. She could see everything.

A beam of sunlight came through the window, and she slowly reached out a hand towards it. She smiled in an odd sort of fascination, watching as her pale skin turned into reflective diamond. It was both radiant and amusing in a way, before she retracted her arm altogether.

The chain still attached to her wrist now hung limply, swaying at her side attached to the piece of metal that was ripped from the pole behind her.

A tentative sniff to the air provided her with a variety of smells beneath the staleness of the air. How long had she been here, in this warehouse?

Another sniff, and she was wondering how long had those bodies been just feet away from her while she slept?

When she approached the heap, her head tilted on its own. Vaguely familiar faces stared blankly up at her, lifeless, and so she crouched down. There was something itching at the back of her brain when she looked at the man, her finger tips moving on their own to lightly graze his forehead.

It was like she'd been shocked, a spark at her fingertips that had her feeling back. Memories flooded her brain of who this man was, what his connection was to her, and the depth of his morality. Her father, a superficial, greedy man.

Though she couldn't remember exactly what happened, it was obvious that his flawed ambition got the better of him and the woman next to him. Her fingertips went back to trace the man's eyebrow bone with a hum before she felt something at the back of her throat.

When she swallowed, it felt like a million grains of sand were sliding down her throat. It felt like she was dehydrated, and as she stood, a sort of delirium rushed to her head that caused her to sway in place. Hand scratching at her neck, much too roughly, she realized what she was feeling.

It was hunger.

˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚

Demetri was never usually an errand boy, but anyone would be a fool to tell Jane anything involving the words "no" and "do it yourself."

His objectives were clear: find their future queen, and bring her back. He had his own wrongs to right when it came to the human girl fated to Aro, granted he hadn't made the best first impression. But after the second day of scouring the state of Washington, he knew that if he still hadn't come close to finding her, the Cullens hadn't come any closer either. Useless, the lot of them.

He was the Guard's finest tracker, yet little Billie Burbank seemed to be evading his senses for a reason he did not quite know yet. The Guard had retreated back to Italy to inform Aro of the situations at hand involving Bella Swan still being human and his mate being missing as a result of their incompetency.

In hindsight, Demetri was relieved to be anywhere but Volterra, knowing their master was bound to throw a tantrum upon hearing the news.

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