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Despite her father being the chief, Bella Swan was actually one of the last people to catch wind of her friend's disappearance from Seattle. Her father wouldn't disclose much, but the morning he was about to set out to Seattle to investigate was the exact morning the newborn army was supposed to be arriving.

Bella had been cooped up on the mountain the night before, only hearing of the news from Jacob who'd joined her and Edward that following morning. He'd heard it through the mind link while he patrolled the area at dawn, reporting his findings.

The Swan girl couldn't help but feel responsible somehow— it was her idea for Billie to attend the campus tour, but she hadn't accounted for the fact that she would be going alone.

The news effectively put everyone on edge, which wasn't good at all considering they were about to go to battle, and it would serve them no good to be distracted. Jacob said Embry was taking it the hardest, and Sam had half a mind to bench him before the fight. But the Call boy was stubborn and had a lot of steam to let out, so really, he would be extra useful.

The battle soon raged on, and though everyone had been optimistic of the coven and the pack defeating the newborns, they hadn't accounted for the fact that Edward began hearing Victoria's thoughts. But, she wasn't alone.

She entered the clearing, following by a boy they all knew was working for her; Riley Biers. Edward instantly tried bargaining with the boy, knowing he was only under the influence of the redheaded woman they'd been trying to hunt for the last few months.

"She only created you and this army to get revenge for her true mate, James," Edward continued, trying to sway Riley into abandoning Victoria, "that's all she cares about. Not you. Not Billie."

That seemed to get Victoria's attention the most, and Bella knew that based on the pointed tone he used when saying the blonde girl's name, he saw something in Victoria's mind that led him to believe she was responsible for Billie's disappearance.

"There's only you," Victoria reassured Riley with a small glance, promptly avoiding the mention of the Burbank girl. "You know that."

And boy, did Riley seem to know that when he turned back to Edward, a malicious glint in his eyes.

"You're dead."

The fight ensued, the wolf of Seth Clearwater joining the midst while Edward taunted Victoria— tried keeping her from running. And it worked in his favour, ultimately, because as soon as the fight began, it ended with Victoria's head torn from her body. With the help of Bella using her blood as a distraction, though.

The triumph didn't last long, because as soon as Edward lit Victoria's crumpled pieces on fire, he turned to the human girl next to him. "She knew where Billie was," he began, but continued speaking despite the way Bella's mouth went to interject, "but she would've never told us."

"So, now Billie's just missing and the one person who knew is dead," Bella parroted back with a small scoff, holding her bloodied arm. "How are we gonna—"

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