naha ne ka drama

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*sorry for late updates my exams are going on and I have maths day after tomorrow (Tuesday) I hope you understand 😐*

Ammi : Chalo ab khana khate hai

Hm: hall(hain) maila(mera) ped(pet) bhala(bhara) hai

Ammi : panch ghante pehle khaya tha chup chap chalo

Hearing "chup chap " she put a finger on her mouth

The rest all adored her

After food
Ammi: chalo pani garam karahi hoon mei  kahi gayab nahi hon jana samjhi (she knew that her daughter hated to bath and would surely hide in any place she found )

Hm: haan samli (samjhi)

Am: hmm

As soon as she turned around to see the water hm ran out to hide 🤣

Hm started searching the best place to hide and she looked at the back door of their house and suddenly she went and tried to open

And wolah as soon as she opened the door she slipped and fell on mud 😎

Ammi heard the sound and rushed to see what had happened

She sighed and picked up her little daughter who by now was looking like a pig 🤣🤣 and this extra intelligent girl was just sitting there almost saying until you pick me up I'm not getting up 😁

Am: kya kaha tha humne

Hm: huh kla kala

Am: kaha tha na idhar udhar bhagna mat

Hm: hain mei toh ular gili thi (udhar giri thi)

Am: aare par waha kyu gayi

Hm: mereko ulna tha (urna)

Am: chalo ab nahana hai

Hm: aale mei nala chuli (aare mei naha chuki) dekho pura giwi hoon (gili)

Am: mitti se ab koi bahana nahi

She took her to the bathroom and after an eternity, tantrum and nonsense talks finally they came out 😁🤣🤣


Kya dekh rahe hon baki next part mei


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