Bonus Chap [1]

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A clarification.
From the last chapter, Dohee and Taehyung are step-siblings. How it happened, I'll explain in the bonus chaps.

Another note.
I already said that the bonus chaps will have Yn, do don't be surprised.

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You and Taehyung were in a heated position, your lips bruised with the rough biting Taehyung was giving into the kiss, still not enough with the kiss, he entered his tongue inside your wet cavern, tasting all the addictive sweetness that you had, a combination of wine, in your saliva, the wine you had earlier, drops of water dripping down her face, from her hair combining in the kiss, as you had just came from the bathroom.

Dressing in mini white towel that allured the man, ending you two up, in the heated moment, hormones getting alerted, bodies heating up, your wet hair, wetting Taehyung's shoulder.

Taehyung explored every inch, in your hot mouth. He snaked his hands, in your long hair while your was hand trailing inside Taehyung's shirt, feeling the warm back, in your hands.

You moaned, inside the hot sensual kiss, after Taehyung biting your lip, harshly, the moan ignited extreme sexual hormones in Taehyung, he then grabbed your soft ass, pulling you to his waist, You jumped on the man's waist, locking your legs around his waist, your other hand was gripping Taehyung's hair, the pleasure was getting extreme, Taehyung kissing you roughly, with his all, like he didn't kiss you earlier at the dinner date.

He kept on kissing in the same pace, the need for breath started getting the best of you, you patted Taehyung's shoulder, who then smirked, attacking your exposed milky skinned neck, leaving sloppy kisses on your neck, while pushing you against the wall, you back collided with the wall, your legs still locking the waist, Taehyung trailing kisses, leaving you a moaning mess.

The more he was trailing the sloppy kisses on your neck, the more you kept on moaning, turning on the man, you exposed your neck, giving him more access.

"Ah-- f-fuck!" You moaned louder, when Taehyung sucked a weak spot, on your neck, underneath your ear.

"I'll give you more of it." He smirked.

He started sucking harder on the spot, earning louder moans from you, that was really enticing.

The sucking, turned into a deep hickey, and Taehyung admired the art, he just made, on the neck, a hickey of owning.

That you were his.

He left more hickeys on your neck, you were bruising his neck and back, with your fingers, but the pain wasn't going to stop the Mafia, he was unstoppable.

Your neck was bruised with his hickeys, he took a look at the art he made on your neck, that brought a smirk on his face.

"Mine." He said, you looked at him, his brown orbs were filled with love and lust, and your eyes were not less.

You attacked each other's lips roughly, more roughly this time, than the last, a heated kiss, Taehyung touching your back, kissing and biting in the kiss, a passionate deep kiss, so alluring, the man walked with you to the bed, laying you on the bed, still kissing, your hands finding a way to unbutton, the man's shirt, but Taehyung grabbed your hand, putting them on his neck, causing you to whine, he started kissing your face, all the spots on your face, eyes, nose,nose bridge, cheeks, every inch of your face.

His dick twitching on your abdomen, the man was fully turned on, while your pussy was wet, the juices wetting your panty, Taehyung started teasing your breast, with his tongue, playing with it, trailing his wet tongue around the tit, you feel the pressure, clenching the sheets more after him, taking your breast in his mouth, starting to suck it, leaving you a mess again, in a dishevelled state.

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