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It had been a week, officially, since the start of her stay in Volterra, and to be honest? Billie was having the time of her life— because while the rest of the coven, the Guard especially, had duties to fulfill and tasks to complete for the kings, Billie's only duty was to relax.

In hindsight, she definitely needed to relax by the end of that first day; her energy was practically bubbling over and spilling all over the place. She needed something to do, and she needed direction now more than ever.

"So something that will calm your mind," Aro instructed her with a small smile. "We have endless books, and I can send someone to gather those crosswords that you enjoy?"

Despite his helpful suggestions, there was one thing that made Billie relax more than anything: talking.

So, by the end of her first week in Volterra, she was well acquainted with almost every single member of the coven. She had favourites, of course, meaning she liked spending most of her time with either Demetri or Jane. The two were vastly different in every way, but were coincidentally always available to chat with the blonde newborn. 

That was what led her to be sitting in one of Caius' studies with Jane, the pair of blondes accompanied by Alec this time, as they were trying to sort through a box of card games that Aro had imported for Billie. Really, she'd only wanted a few, but the box was massive— she'd never complain, though.

"We don't really have time for... human games," Jane supplied, looking rather snobbishly at the box. She had her hand halfway inside, pulling out a random board game before looking at it with disdain, "I mean, what is the correlation between ladders and snakes?"

Alec craned his head towards the board game, taking it from Jane's grasp to analyze it. "Fascinating," he admitted lowly, holding it up to his ear to shake it.

"What do you guys do instead?" she asked the pair, who only just shared an unspoken exchange. "Don't tell me you guys don't have hobbies..."

"We don't," Alec said, earning a proper smack to the arm from Jane once the blonde saw the newborn's crestfallen reaction. "And I say that with the utmost respect for you and your— uh, hobbies, of course."

Billie continued to look unimpressed, glancing down at the unopened monopoly game in her grasp.  She began peeling the plastic off of the small box, tearing it open and setting the board on the table before them. "We're playing. Now."

Jane looked the most apprehensive. "I don't think that—"

The unimpressed look Billie tossed her way had her words disappearing in her throat, staring at the unhappy curl of the blonde's lip before Alec thankfully chimed in.

"You'll have to tell us the rules first, mia signora," he responded with a tight smile, his leg jutting out to kick at his twin's shin as though to say shut up and follow my lead.

Jane easily got the hint, pleased to see the smile return to Billie's face.

"Okay... but I must warn you; I will not let you will simply because you are you, Billie."

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