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_______________<Aarushi's p.o.v>__________

"Aaru, don't bother him, Beta". Maa said.

"Me, when... Maa I didn't do anything, he...

"If you make a mistake, accept it",Rudra intervened.

"I'll tell you later, while I was grinding the lentils".

"See maa, she scares me like this at night too, takes advantage of my innocence", Rudra has become very innocent.

"What..  lies, maa believe me, he's lying, I was trying my best to convince maa.

"Enough, Aaru, it's not like I don't even know how naughty you're". Mom took Rudra's side.

"But Mishrain isn't like that. Open your eyes, don't get carried away in emotions. He's lying and you're also supporting him blindly. That's not how it works". I pouted.

"Leave it, mom. Some people don't even apologize after making mistakes. You guys meet the others". Rudra said.

Mom ignored us and headed towards the hall.

"Chorungi Nhi tumhe ... I challenged him.

[I won:t let you go ]

"Phle pakad to lo , aur pakad kr na baho mai rkh lena aur chorna nhi fir , he replied with smirk.

[First,catch me,and don't just catch me, took me into your arms & don't let me go]

"Bat'meez "


"Sirf tumhare liye bachaa, he gave me flying kiss.

[Only For you, Bachaa]

The engagement rituals began, and they exchanged rings.

Everyone was very happy specially Badimaa, sometimes it feels like someone must be so hurt when their heart become like stone.now the only goal is finding the real culprit, i need to start this work as soon as possible before it gets too late.

"Aaru, come on, let's dance. Where are you lost?" Maa pulled me into the group dance, and everyone danced joyfully.


ohan also joined everyone in the dance, but only Rudra doesn't know how to dance. Sometimes i thought some qualities of Rohan overshadow Rudra's, but there's no one like Rudra, he is the best. I started blushing as I thought about it.

Rohan, Simmi, and I formed our own separate group and were having a blast, behaving like crazy. While everyone else was together, we were having our own fun.

After the party, everyone started to leave, and I became a little emotional because it was time to bid farewell to Maa and papa. Yes, I am very happy here, but no one can replace parents. No matter how much love a husband gives, he cannot take the place of a father.

I hugged Dad, and he understood what was going on in my mind. 'Aaru, Betu, we have to go, and Rudra is here. Don't be sad, Bata,' Dad comforted me as he patted my back.

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