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And despite her usually docile nature, Billie was not exempt from this unspoken rule.

Another month had passed in Volterra, and the blonde girl had started to grow restless from her place beneath the city. She wanted out, and because Aro could quite literally never say no to her, she was granted two hours of freedom each night when the humans were tucked away in their beds.

These two hours could be spent outside which would satiate her desire to explore, but she had to stay within the confines of the ancient city and have at least one member of the Guard with her. If she had it her way, Jane would've been her chaperone each night— but unlike Billie, she had proper duties to fulfill, which meant there had to be a rotation of vampires who could accompany her.

That night in particular, the lucky soul who was tasked with watching her was Alec.

It wasn't a surprise that Billie and Alec started to get along after she'd introduced the twins to human board games. He'd sought her out on numerous occasions just asking to be shown different ones that he could try, just so he could master the skill and watch his sister burn up with agitation.

But at the end of the day, their budding friendship was really rooted in Billie's bond with Jane. As much as Jane would never even dare to admit it aloud, she liked the blonde newborn immensely. It was nice to have another female face around, and Billie always made sure those around her felt wanted— special, even. And boy, did Jane absolutely eat that up.

Unlike his sister, though, Alec did start verbally expressing how much he tolerated the girl. He'd brag about how she was always good company to keep in an attempt to make Jane jealous; a plight that usually worked. Sibling rivalry still persisted, even among the world's oldest vampires, it seemed.

"When we return, we shall play that game where we must pretend to be a surgeon and save the large man from dying," Alec stated, as though it wasn't up for debate.

Billie hummed as the pair continued weaving their way through the streets on foot. "You mean Operation?"

"Yes!" Alec responded excitedly. "We've yet to open that one, and I'm curious to know how I can claim victory once more."

"It's not that hard if you have a steady hand," Billie told him, reminiscing of a time where she had played that very same game in her youth with a hazy figure in her mind, "which I'm sure you do, because you're good at literally everything, but I—"

Her words were lodged in her throat at the smell that just flew into her nose. The only plausible way she could've described it is that it smelt of sugary syrup. It was something too good to pass up.

A figure with an arm drenched in crimson entered the town square, emerging from another cobblestone alley to the pair's left. Her stomach would've rumbled if it could, her eyes zeroed in on the person's arm, unmoving.

Until Alec took her by the shoulders and forced her behind a wall, out of sight from the drunken man who'd obviously had quite the tumble. It was late— he shouldn't have been out and about.

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