Bonus Chap [2]

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Everyone has a past, some bury it six feet down, and no longer want to remember because they loath that past as much as, they loath hell.

Taehyung had many past, he buried them deep down, the earth's surface.

The ill-treatment from the people, he thought was family.

And secondly, the person he thought was the love of his life.

Park Aerum.

He had long forgotten her, after getting addicted to you, you were the one who mattered to him, and he fucking didn't care about anyone's existence, even when Seok-yun, Aerum's sister tried to re-enter in the picture, he didn't fucking care about her.

You were always the one, captured his mind every time.

Because of the addiction.

The addiction that you installed in him like no other, the obsession and possession he had for you, was out of the world.

And finally falling for you, made him forget his past, the past he really loathed.

The Mafia never knew one day, that something left undone from his past would collide with him, in his present life, never he thought.

How he wished, the night he erased Aerum in his life, he did the same to the man, who was fucking around with his unfaithful wife, only if he didn't fucking escape.

The Mafia wouldn't have meet him eye to eye, the same man, a smirk on his lips, staring at you with dirty lustful eyes, he so wanted to fucking wipe him out, but he couldn't do that inside the mall, that's why he grabbed your hand walking out of the place.

His brain screaming only killing and violence.

He wanted to touch blood and see it with his eyes, seeing Lee Dohyun again, the Mafia so wanted to slaughter his neck.

His mind wasn't working because Aerum's memories were just replaying in his brain.

He loved and trusted the lady so much, mostly because she was so like him, very dark and unapologetic just like him.

Aerum didn't give a fuck about anyone.

She stood by her choices and Taehyung so loved that, at first he hated it but bumping up with her more, he started drowning towards her nature, like he was being spailed by her.

They met for the first time in Mexico, in the dark streets of Mexico, lights off, Taehyung was accelerating his car so fast, trying to catch a spy, who reported something to his rivals, and he had to the ritual of spies, the people who dared to spy on him.

The ritual was killing.

Reaching a path, where his car couldn't pass, Taehyung stopped his car and started running after the man, till when he heard a loud scream, of a man's voice.

The Mafia stared the other side and there he saw, a lady looking young and beautiful, Aerum.

The Mafia stared the other side and there he saw, a lady looking young and beautiful, Aerum

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