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All four of the higher ranking Guard members were being chastised in front of Aro, as though they were school children who were about to have their recess time taken away. Even the three who were not involved in the incident were being lectured, but the rage their master had felt at seeing his mate in such a state guided in by Alec?

Oh, they were lucky it was just a verbal reprimanding. 

Speaking of the blonde, she'd been standing like a statue under Alec's command— her senses continuing to be pulled from her the longer they all stood there. She stood just behind the so-called witch twin, and you wouldn't have even seen her if it wasn't for the peak of her hair coming from just behind his shoulder blade.

"Portala qui," he demanded, eyes narrowed in Alec's direction. Bring her here.

The Guard members parted like the sea, unveiling the state of Billie behind them. Alec all but shuffled her forward, the black particles of his power still swirling at his fingertips as he did so. As he walked her towards the man, neither party really noticed the way Jane subtly inched forward, only to steel her shoulders back beside Demetri.

He noticed, because of course he had, and he'd be teasing Jane about it later when the energy calmed.

Billie then stood in front of Aro, covered in blood that was most certainly not her own. It caked the dress she had worn, and there were specs of it splattered across her face like freckles. Alec fell back into line as the black specs floated back into his being. With his power no longer having an influence on the girl, Aro watched as the foggy darkness that covered her eyes cleared.

The change was instantaneous, and was marked by the snarl that escaped the newborn. While Alec might've missed the mark the last time around, Aro wouldn't; he was their leader for a reason, and that reason was rooted in his vast array of knowledge and experience. He'd dealt with his fair share of newborns, but this one in particular was a special cause.

She attempted to sideswipe him, but he got her arms around her quicker. "Dismissed," he snapped at the Guard members, and that was quite frankly all the notice they needed to get the hell out of there.

When the grand doors clanged shut, Aro hold on the thrashing newborn lessened. He keenly noticed that she wasn't using all her strength to fight him off, because if she had, she surely would've eliminated the Guards and the threats that she perceived them to be.

Aro held her a bit closer, keeping one hand on her bicep as the other migrated to her jaw. "What is the matter with you, amore mio," he whispered out, though it was more to himself as his gaze raked over her being. He was searching for something, for some sort of reason as to why she had yet to snap from the bloodlust that ravaged her mind.

It was like she wasn't even seeing him standing before her, wasn't acknowledging the pull she'd begun to feel either. His eyes snapped to her fingertips, and in a moment of determination, he pulled them to his own forehead.

Because though she hadn't registered him, she seemed to register her own abilities based on Alec's recount of the night's events. He observed her as her crimson eyes clouded once, a sure sign of her using her abilities, coupled with a prodding sensation in his own mind.

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