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Caius' became like a second home to the blonde newborn and the twins she befriended, often using the space for their little games and as a sanctuary away from the others. The blond king didn't seem to mind, and if he did, surely he would've put a stop to it by now.

But just as Aro played favourites, Caius did too; and everyone knew that he valued Jane's ruthlessness above all else.

The grandiose nature of his study was immeasurable in itself. It looked like something that was plucked right from a history textbook of the regency area, and Billie was absolutely marvelling in it— so much so that she hadn't even registered that they'd still been holding hands.

The walls were lined with books that were much older than she was, that much she knew for certain, and the floor was an intricate combination of both marble and limestone embellishments. Candles in their canisters were littered about, shedding a warm glow throughout the space.

"So this is where you hide away all day?" she teased, inadvertently tugging him along with her when she moved to examine the nearest shelf of books to their right.

He chuckled lowly, the sound bouncing off the stone walls. "It's where I complete my work, yes," he said, his eyes trained on the way she brushed her fingers of her free hand over the spine of a few leather-bound books. "Do you read often, amore?"

"I do, but not as much as I'd like to," she told him honestly, to which he nodded.

"This space is yours just as much as it is mine," he informed her, and it made Billie's head snap towards him as he spoke, "and though the texts here may be a bit... historic for you, they are yours to read as you see fit."

Billie's eyebrows crinkled together, but she smiled at him. "That's really generous," she told him, eyes averting back to the old books. Some were dustier than others, and she made a mental note to check out the texts he seemed to read the most first. "Was this what you wanted to show me?"

"Not quite."

A tugging at her arm alerted her that yeah, he still hadn't let go of her hand— and she had yet to let go of his either. He pulled her in the direction of a large, wooden desk in the corner of the room. Billie didn't even have time to wonder where his hand had gone before his hands migrated to her waist in order to hoist her onto said desk. He put a finger up in the air, "give me just a moment."

So she sat there, watching as he ventured to a nearby book on the shelf closest to his desk. He grabbed one in particular, its spine having creased already, and opened it. Though, the pages within it were carved out to make room to hold something. It was like a secret hiding spot for whatever he was about to show her.

He approached her with the item in his hand, and her mouth gaped open in astonishment. "Woah," she mumbled out, eyes fixated on the necklace he proceeded to hand to her. She held it carefully in her hands, like it was a fragile piece of fine china.

It was a silver pendant attached to a silver necklace, and it had about a dozen rubies imbedded within it. The necklace itself reminded her of the necklaces the Volturi members wore around their own necks, but theirs only ever had two crimson gems within them.

This one was different, and the thought of why it was different and why he was handing it to her had her stomach lurch to her throat.

"I had this made after your first trip to Italy," he explained to her, coming to a stop right before her. Even with her seated on the elevated surface, he still had to tilt his head down to properly look at her. "As much as I respected your wishes to remain human while you completed your studies, I couldn't help myself."

Billie's mind seemed to halt in real time. He'd crafted this beautiful necklace, the one with extra rubies, just for her after they'd met for the first time. She barely knew him— barely liked him back then, because she had been frightened. Yeah, imagine being surrounded by the top dogs of the vampire world and their damn leader is the one that takes an interest in you (all for a reason you couldn't understand yet). It wasn't a fun feeling at the time.

But now that she understood, now that she could feel what he was to her, she couldn't help but see him in a clearer light. Her feeble crush on him from their daily communications bloomed into something greater— something still unspoken.

"For me?" she questioned airily, as though she was double checking that he wasn't just pranking her.

Aro nodded, taking a step even closer to her than she thought would be possible. "I am quite a patient man... but I'm not that patient," he smirked, and the sentence made laughter bubble out of her lungs with ease. "It's a symbol of our coven; each member different, yet united under one rule."

It made sense, given the identical pendants she had seen the others wear with pride. But that still didn't answer the question of just why he'd made hers different from the others, even when Aro's own pendant was the same as theirs too.

A brief flicker of insecurity surged through the girl, Billie nervously rubbing her thumb over the crimson gems. "I'm not that special, Aro," she sighed out, and this time she dared to look him in the eyes as she confided in him. "I don't want you to regret inviting me in— or regret helping me."

His hands migrated to her knees, settling on them in a grounding manner. "You were able to subdue Alec with your abilities, long enough to get what you wanted," Aro reminded her, using his words carefully as though to not remind her that what she wanted was blood at the drunken man's expense, "that is something that not many vampires, not even those with years of experience with their own abilities, can master. You belong here."

A beat of silence, the kind that was thick and all consuming. "Okay."

"Okay?" he parroted back, head somewhat tilted to the side as he observed her. "So, you accept?"

Her eyebrow arched up, quizzically. "What exactly am I accepting?"

"A place with the coven," he ensured her. "A place where you could thrive, even after your newborn phase comes to a close, should you wish to stay."

His reassurances gave her a surge of confidence, leaning her head towards his space in front of her. "What about a place with you?" she dared to ask, albeit it was a little quietly as she swallowed around nothing to mask her nerves. "Could I have that, too?"

Aro pointed a gentle smile in her direction, one that made butterflies swarm in her stomach.

"Amore mio, you've had a place with me since the moment we met."

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[ wyn's note ]

pure fluff cause my girl billie deserves it!! (especially now that the antics of breaking dawn p2 are closing in...)

thanks for over 50k you guys— always so so greatful for the love and support on my fics :)

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