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Before Bella Swan and her entanglement with their family, the pixie-girl never relied on her gifts for anything other than playing into the stock market and finding her family— finding Jasper. Recent visions were filled with Bella's life being at stake, decisions being made one at a time.

This vision was different; it was rapid chaos, the amount of decisions that were being made just then. One after another after another, like her brain was being overloaded with information.

She saw Irina Denali's decision to betray the Cullens and out them for creating a supposed Immortal Child. She saw Aro's decision to take action against the coven who were evidently guilty in Irina's memories.

And then, the part that worried her most, was Aro's decision to let Billie Burbank help the Volturi in their latest pursuit. The image of her adorning the Volturi crest along her neck, the rubies of the pendant matching the crimson of her irises, flickered behind her moving eyelids.

The glass vase she had once been holding in her hands slipped from her grasp, colliding with the floor with a tensed shatter. The music from the piano nearby ceased, and each member of her family turned in her direction with worry.

"What is it, Alice?" Jasper questioned, anxiously speeding up to the girl.

"The Volturi," she supplied, notably locking eyes with Edward who was able to see her thoughts of the vision roll in steadily, "they're coming for us; Aro, Caius, Marcus, the Guard, Irina, and..."

Bella took a hesitant step forward. "And who, Alice?"

Alice's eyebrows furrowed, almost pitifully as she ground out the following words.

"And Billie."

Alice, with the help of Edward, debriefed the family on their latest situation. It truly seemed as though the Cullens couldn't catch a break, but this time, their enemy was no measly feat; this was the damn Volturi they were talking about.

Carlisle jumped into a history lesson about the children who were made into vampires, a weathered book about the very topic sitting on the table before them all. "Aro has enough proof in Irina's thoughts," Edward said bitterly, "and their offensive weapons are too powerful for us to fight."

"No one can stand against Jane," Jasper added.

From her spot beside the empath, Alice chimed in with an, "and Alec's even worse."

"Well, we convince them— not fight," Bella tried, but was immediately stopped by Emmett's shake of his head.

"They're coming to kill us, not to talk."

Bella raked a hand through her hair, her eyes meeting Alice's. "You said Billie was with them," she noted,

Alice grimaced, almost sorrowfully. "She looks different now," the clairvoyant explained, and the image of Aro and Billie together as the decision to involve her was being made flashed within her mind. "She wears their crest. Her eyes were..."

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