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"What do you mean she's one of them, now?!"

The teen couldn't even bring himself to utter the word leech anymore, because no matter what information Sam was throwing in his face, nothing could make him see Billie Burbank in such a different manner.

Sam had literally pulled him from class that afternoon, citing it as a family emergency and promptly brought his ass back to the Uley residence. Inside, the rest of both packs were waiting to get filled in on what news Jacob was bringing to them.

And given that he refused to start his retell until Embry arrived, everyone knew it concerned the Call boy. They just never thought it would be news about his missing Imprint, though, and the army of angry vampires that were going to storm Washington to kill Renesmee Cullen.

"Edward's sister saw her in a vision," Jacob explained to him, trying to drill the fact into the Call boy's mind, "red eyes and all... you deserved to know."

Embry visibly deflated. "But— but we've been looking for her this entire time," he complained, rising from the seat that Emily offered him when he first entered the home. "She's gotta be lying! Didn't you say her creepy ass visions aren't always accurate? That they change? Whose to say that—"

"Embry," Sam interjected, voice loud yet firm, and it instantly made the boy sit back down. Though, it didn't help stop his body from giving pitiful, angry shakes. "She's still your imprint, and we still haven't found her," he turned his attention to Jacob, then, "and Renesmee is yours... so tell Carlisle that he'll have our full support."

Jacob nodded in thanks, and a beat of silence passed throughout the home. It was broken by Jared Cameron's huff of bitter amusement, his eyes darting between Jacob and Embry's tensed figures.

"You two chumps have the worst luck... no offence."

˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚

For the past few months, ever since Billie went missing and the crime scene at the Davidsons residence reached the ears of those on the reservation, Embry Call had been at a loss.

Before his first phase, before he'd heard of the Quileute legends, before Billie, he never gave much thought into the very prospect of having a soulmate. When he Imprinted on the older blonde girl and realized what he was feeling was a familial spark, he knew he'd finally set his eyes upon his platonic soulmate.

His own mother had pestered him about how much the Burbank girl was at their home, and no matter how many times he pleaded with her that "no, mom; it's platonic... with a capital P," Tiffany Call merely smiled and responded with the same thing every time.

"Whatever you say, honey."

But both of them knew how much Tiffany saw Billie as something akin to a daughter; one she never got to have. And in turn, Katherine Burbank saw Embry as something akin to a son; one she certainly never got to have.

Which is why the minute Embry got a strict warning from Jacob Black to not, under any circumstances, let Katherine know, he disobeyed it completely.

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