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It was nothing in comparison to the amount of people Aro stringed along, the mass of vampires adorning black cloaks that seemed to bleed out onto the starkly white landscape. In other circumstances it would've been laughable, but Billie couldn't laugh.

She couldn't laugh because she knew what Aro had in store for those who stood on the opposite side of the terrain.

It was only when the mass stopped moving, the kings and the Guard taking their positions at the forefront, that giant beasts emerged from the surrounding trees. Billie couldn't help but marvel in these creatures— these wolves who stood over six feet tall and oozed nothing but conscious ferocity. No, if her hunch was correct, these weren't ordinary wolves.

Once the hood of their cloaks were removed, Billie heard the strangest thing. A particularly sorrowful howl that resonated through the air seemed to jolt her body forward, eyes zeroing in on the creature that was already looking right at her from across the landscape. Its eyes were painstakingly familiar, and the sound of her foot crunching the snow beneath her was as loud as an alarm bell to the Volturi around her.

A hand wound its way onto her shoulder, guiding her forward, and she instantly felt her eyes be pulled upward. Out of her peripheral, she saw the rest of the Guard stood just off to the side, but Billie? She was suddenly stood right beside Aro— as if their power was matched, equal, in this very moment.

Her thoughts were broken by the sound of a voice coming from across the field. "Aro," it was a blond man, the obvious leader of the Volturi's opposition, who was stepping forward to address the man next to her, "let us discuss things as we used to, in a civilized manner."

"Fair words, Carlisle," Aro responded, a sort of calmness to his voice that Billie certainly hadn't expected. "But a little out of place given the battalion you've assembled against us, no?"

"I can promise you, that was never our intent," was the blond man's quick remark. "And no laws have been broken."

"We see the child," Caius seethed from Aro's other side. "Do not treat us as fools!"

"She is not an immortal!" the man, Carlisle, shouted back, voice sturdy as he plead his family's case. "These witnesses can attest to that. Or you can look; see the flush of human blood in her cheeks."

That certainly got Billie's attention, the blonde instantly looking at the accused Immortal Child in their midst. She looked like any normal child, holding onto a girl with brown hair and amber eyes. The brunette was a face she'd seen before, though her exact name was failing her the longer she stared.

"Artifice!" was Caius' heated comeback, promptly cutting Billie off from being sucked into her mind at a time like this.

The blond king was stopped from saying anything further by a raise of Aro's hand. "I will collect every facet of the truth, but from someone more central to the story," he stated, and his gaze narrowed directly on the telepath among the witnesses. "Edward, as the child clings to your newborn mate, I assume you are involved."

His hand was outstretched, and the message was clear. Everyone on the field from both sides watched as this Edward marched across the snow covered field, right towards the exact vampires who were about to dish out his family's punishment.

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