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EARLY morning, Midnight received an email from his father's right-hand man. The email contains a detailed description of the location, a meticulously drawn blueprint of a mansion, and a clear outline of his mission. His eyes briefly skimmed over the email before it vanished from his inbox.

Mission: Dispose everyone in the mansion.

After reading his mission, with no visible emotional, he swiftly packed his bags, left the apartment that looked like nobody had lived there for months, and went straight to the airport.

He passed the immigration with his Knight Velasquez passport and, after two stopovers; he arrived in Valencia, Spain.

He informed Orlando, his father's trusted assistant, that he had arrived, sharing his exact whereabouts.

An hour later, he received a package from Orlando. It was a leather box with one gun and twenty-six bullets. Beside it was a note.

'Twenty-six bullets for twenty-six people. Don't waste any bullet or you will spend your month in the isolation chamber.'

As Midnight read the threat at the bottom of the note, he remained completely unfazed. Maybe because he had been to the isolation room so many times already. It was just a dark room with no windows. Other than the oppressive darkness and the persistent emptiness in his stomach from his meager daily meal, there was nothing noteworthy about it.

He used to hate the isolation room because of his fear of the dark, but as he grew older, that isolation chamber became a safe place for him. At least in there, no one was bothering him.

The only downside was he couldn't see his brother. However, there was no discernible difference, even as he was outside. He still couldn't see his brother, anyway.

A pointless comparison, really.

With that thought, he got ready for the night.

He cleaned the gun, secured the bullets in the magazine, studied the blueprint and its surroundings, then he got ready for the night.

Apart from the blueprints, he was completely clueless about the layout and design of the mansion. So, once inside the mansion, his immediate action was to survey the exits and carefully observe the guards' positions.

With his own investigation complete, he secured the silencer onto his gun, signaling the start of his mission.

Aiming his gun, he first took down the guards. Headshot. Then he moved to the front door, killing everyone he could see. Then he entered the mansion.

Without hesitation or moral conflict, he followed his orders and mercilessly took the lives of everyone he laid eyes on. Men, women, young and old. He swept through every room of the house, leaving no corner unturned until there was only one bullet remaining.

One more head to shoot.

Despite thoroughly searching the entire house, there was still one unused bullet left.

Someone escaped, he thought.

Without wasting time, he made his way to the security room of the mansion and meticulously erased all traces of his presence from the CCTV footage. And then he left a malicious virus that would obliterate the computer upon any attempt to retrieve the deleted footage.

After cleaning up, he left as if he did not leave a mansion full of dead bodies.

Then he sent a message to Orlando.

"I still have one bullet left."

Without waiting for Orlando's reply, he went back to the hotel he was staying at, packed up, checked-out, then booked a flight to Madrid.

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