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With my eyes still closed, I sat on the bed and glanced beside me. Rudra wasn't there. In his place, there was a note and a lovely bouquet of flowers. I immediately understood that he must have gone for some meetings, as he used to do this in the early days of our marriage.

Knowing this, I still eagerly picked up the note and started reading it.

"Good morning, sweetheart. I know you wanted me by your side right now, but work is important too. I will return tomorrow, definitely. I'll call you in the evening when I’m free. Bye, miss you, and lots of love."

I took a deep breath and placed the note on the side of the table.

Picking up the bouquet, I inhaled its fragrance and enjoyed its aroma.

To be honest, everything has started to scare me since all this happened with Max. If Rudra had eaten that sweet, he would have been in Max's place today. No, no, I shouldn’t say such things in the morning. As long as I am here, nothing can happen to Rudra. But who could be after Rudra's life in this way? I must find out. Now, my detective mode is on.

I completed my morning rituals and joined everyone downstairs for breakfast.

Everyone was in shock after what happened with Max, but this is not the time for regret; we must take action

"Good morning, beta," maa's sweet voice drew my attention toward her.

"Good morning, Maa," I replied.

"Where are you lost? Rudra will be back by tomorrow, Beta," maa said lovingly.

"No, Maa, I was thinking about Max," I said, noticing an unusual worry on everyone's faces.

"I don't know who is targeting my children," Dadi  said, concerned.

"Think about it, who could possibly not want Rudra in this house?" Chachi ji said sarcastically, and everyone looked towards Badi Maa.

"Accusing someone without proof is also a crime," Badi Maa's stern voice silenced the dining table.

"And let me remind you, I'm staying here only because maa ji  asked me to," she said before getting up and leaving.

"Everyone has their own attitudes here," Chachi ji (aunt) said, wrinkling her nose in annoyance.

"Whatever happened earlier in this house, you shouldn't have spoken to Jiji (elder sis) that way," Maa said to Chachii.

"Everyone knows the truth; I was just clarifying things. Jiji, you always misunderstand me," Chachi ji  said, crying as she too got up and left in anger.

" will the drama in this house ever stop?" Dadi said worriedly.

"Everything will be fine, Dadi, I'm here," I reassured her.

She responded with just a concerned smile.

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