Chapter 47

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

"Welcome to my little shop and I hope you are having a good... Oh. My. Goodness!! Aren't you just the cutest child I've ever seen! I must know your name!! You clearly went to mean old Myah first for your haircut! She even gave you one of MY ribbons!" I hear said in a way too happy voice before I'm stolen from mommy once again and placed on a stranger's hip! Why does mommy keep letting this happen!?!?

"Oh, no!! Just look at that face! Is our little angel upset? Did your mommy wake you up from your nap too early to bring you to me? Does someone have a cranky, tired baby on their hands? Cause I have just the thing if I do!" The lady teases as she walks with me back behind her counter and digs around before holding something up to my mouth. Accepting it as I feel her gently pushing it in and not giving me much of a choice, I suck on it out of instinct and find it kind of nice. It's weirdly soothing and the lady seems to beam at my enjoyment of it.

"What did I saw! Works every time! And look at that smile! I thought you were cute before but you are definitely cuter when you smile, little one!" the lady says, pinching my cheek gently as I go red from the compliment!

Embarrassed, I do the only available and reasonable thing, hiding myself in this stranger's neck as mommy still hasn't come and saved me! This only causes her to laugh and compliment me more, which makes me even more unwilling to leave my hiding spot, especially as it feels kind of nice. This lady is very comfortable to lay on and the way she gently sways and pats my bottom feels really nice too!

"So who exactly am I holding mommy?" The lady asks mommy, finally leaving me alone to enjoy her embrace in peace!

"Her name is Elizabeth, but I call her Beth for short. She isn't..." mommy starts before being cut off...

"Now don't be mean, mommy. We know what little Bethie is. We also know a child when we see one... they come in all shapes and sizes... and we accommodate and welcome all of them. That's why her paci is designed just a bit bigger and I'm sure Mrs. Krueger had her in her special chair that sits extra low, for its specialty designed booster seat..." The lady says, handing me back off to mommy and allowing me to look at myself in a mirror after her comment! She gave me a stupid pacifier! Seeing it, I scramble to hide it against mommy, making the the lady chuckle once again.

"Your little girl really is adorable... I hope you cherish her as much as she deserves and enjoy these little moments! You have no idea how quickly they grow up, even like this!" The lady says, scratch my back, even though I'm in mommy's arms now.

"So what can I do for you? Did you come in here for something specific?" The lady eventually asks when mommy just continues to stand there silently, holding me tightly.

"Uh... yeah... yes! Sorry, yes! Undergarments! She needs new undergarments! Hers are looking old and well used. She is very hard to shop for though and she is very picky on wearing new clothes and she is a very awkward size so things never seem to fit right. I saw your displays and thought I would try before we went to try on new dresses. This... is new. For the both of us... She isn't normally like this... it's weird... but in a weirdly good way... I've missed just being her mommy!" Mommy says, bouncing me until I sit higher up on her hip so I can no longer comfortably hide like I want to. In fact I can't hide at all as she continues to move me until I have no choice but to at least pretend I'm a part of the conversation as I sit upright in her arms!

"To answer your previous question though, this little bundle of joy in my arms is upset because I forced her in here, instead of letting her run off and go dress shopping on her own. It has nothing to do with her skipped nap..." Mommy tells her, leaving me shocked!

"Not twue!" I blurt out before I can stop myself, blushing from saying something out loud that I meant to keep to myself and because of my slur from this stupid pacifier! Taking it out, I continue...

"That's not why at all, mommy! You lie! It's because you threatened to spank me!" I tell them, making sure the nice lady knows it's all mommy's fault that I'm so upset and has nothing to do with a skipped nap! Plus, I slept plenty on the way here!

"Thank you for clearing that up and telling her how you could have been punished after fighting me the entire way here because this wasn't your desired dress shop..." mommy says, taking my hand holding the pacifier and lifting it back to my mouth. Not wanting it, mommy practically forces me to accept it by not letting up until it's fully in.

She even makes sure to hold it in place like I'm planning to spit it out once she lets go and I have no idea where she got that idea from! It was pure coincidence it almost fell out the first time she let go! Frustrated, I start using the pacifier but only because of how angry I am with mommy! It's totally not because I enjoy it! It also doesn't help mommy started patting my bottom in that stop testing me or else kind of way so I quickly realized it was not worth a spanking!

"As I was saying, I think she thought I was bringing her in here for more trainers so wanted to avoid your store at all costs but I'm not. At least that wasn't the plan... I really did only come in here to see if you had any undergarments in her size!" Mommy says, continuing the patting so I stay quiet even though she is wrong and a big liar!

"Well I can probably help you with that. Hand her over and I'll take her into the back for measurements. That way I can tell you exactly what size she'll need!" The lady says, holding her arms out for me. Before mommy can pass me off though, I also reach out to her so she can scoop me right out of my mean mommy's arms!

When she does and starts caring me to the back, I remove my pacifier and stick my tongue out at mommy in triumph, only for her to just roll her eyes at me. Watching her turn and begin shopping, I immediately regret leaving her alone because the first thing she picks up is another pair of trainers! She also is suspiciously close to the pullups and diapers and I don't like that one bit!

I should have never left her alone! She clearly needs me out here to help her decide what I need! This just won't do! I can't be back here like this! What if... what if she decides I need a pullup next!? Or even... a diaper!?!?

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