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Katherine Burbank's flight into Florence was bound to arrive that evening, once the sun had set and once Billie could scrounge up a pair of innocently dark contact lenses to cover up their true colour.

She was stood at the correct terminal with a shakily written sign that she was waving around rather obnoxiously, earning an amused sigh from the man standing next to her. "I really don't understand why she didn't accept my offer to fly her here privately," Aro muttered, looking around the terminal at the vast array of humans coming in and out.

The sight was literally comical, and Billie never ever thought she'd see Aro wearing civilian clothes; but there he was in a black sweatshirt, dark contact lenses in to sell the whole 'I'm human' shtick, and boy was she absolutely loving it.

"Mama loves flying commercial," Billie dismissed. "Says it's better for the environment, anyways."

"Okay, but to even deny first class? Really?" he questioned, unaware of why the woman he was about to meet was so against the luxuries that he was offering.

Billie rolled her eyes. "She's a humble woman."

"You're damn right I am!"

Billie's eyes immediately connected with the steadily advancing body that belonged to her mother, the woman's incredibly large suitcase trudging along behind her as she approached the pair with an equally as large smile.

The blonde girl tossed the sign in Aro's general direction, the board smacking him dead in the nose, and ran up to her mother. The two blondes literally crashed into one another, Katherine's suitcase long abandoned to wrap her arms around her daughter.

Katherine took the girl's face in her palms, giving her a once over. "You haven't changed a bit— good."

Billie snickered, lowering her voice for a beat. "Yeah, pretty sure that's what vampirism is all about."

That earned her a slap to the shoulder from her mother, but the teasing smirk on her face went to show that she really wasn't phased. It was great that Katherine Burbank had come to terms with the supernatural, putting all of her worries aside to just focus on the happiness of her daughter. As long as Billie was happy and healthy (though, it helped that she couldn't really be unhealthy now), she didn't care.

A throat cleared from behind Billie, and her smile seemed to widen. She stepped out of her mother's embrace, pointing to the man who'd come to stand beside her once more. "This is Aro," she said.

Aro, in all of his nauseating politeness, stuck his hand out to shake Katherine's. "It's an absolute pleasure to meet you, Katherine."

There was a beat of scrutinizing silence from the woman's end, her eyes narrowing to give him the once over. She smacked his hand away and instead, caught him off guard by hugging him. "We don't shake hands in this family, it's all about the hugs."

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