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____________Aarushi's pov________________

The morning had arrived, and the sun's rays were entering through the window

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The morning had arrived, and the sun's rays were entering through the window. As I rubbed my eyes and yawned, I sat on the bed. Slowly opening my eyes, I looked around and was stunned. The entire room was decorated with flowers, balloons, and lights. But why? This question raced through my mind.

At first, I thought I was dreaming, so I closed and opened my eyes several times. But my room was indeed decorated. As I got out of bed and placed my feet on the ground, someone lifted me into their arms.


Ha bachaa

[Yes, baby.]

"What is all this, and when did you come?" I asked him, hugging him while still in his arms.

"Don't you know what today is?" he said, staring at me.

I shook my head in denial.

"It's our six-month anniversary today. It's been six months since we got married," he said with a sweet smile.

"Oh, I totally forgot. Damn!" I said, hitting my forehead against his chest.

"No worries, I'm here to remind you. I'll do something unforgettable," he said with a smirk.

"Not early in the morning, please," I said, clinging to him.

He laughed.

"Why are you laughing?" I pouted.

"First, let's sit here," he said, making me sit on the bed.

"So the plan is that it's been six months since our wedding, and we still haven't gone on our honeymoon. So, I've planned a trip for us, and there will be many surprises for you there," he said, kissing my hand.

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