Dominate Me | Sam Golbach

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Summary: request - "How about sam being....VERY DOMINANT LIKE ROUGH DOMINANT" 

Warnings: SMUT18+, strong language, swearing, unprotected rough sex, dominant!Sam, biting, scratching, hair pulling, choking, dirty pet names, breeding kink, pregnancy talk, filth right under the cut, enjoy.


When you told Sam you wanted to be dominated, you had no idea that you would be dominated.

Your legs were hooked over his arms at the knee, pussy taking his cock achingly well as his hands pinned your biceps down to the bed.

"Should daddy be nice and let my little slut cum?" Sam presses his lips to yours, "hmm? Tell me." The head of his cock repeatedly bashing into your cervix as you scream out in both pain and pleasure.

"I-I need to cum. I need to cum, daddy, please."

"Louder, baby."

You tilt your head back, clenching his cock as you try not to cum, "F-fuck, fuckfuckfuck." You look at him, "Please daddy, Let me cum!"

"Do you deserve it?" He leans up and you nod, both of his hands going to your neck, "God you look so fucking hot like this." You moan as he squeezes tighter, "Use your words."

His hands move from your throat and he leans down, pinning your hands above your head. You look up at him, face twisting with pleasure as you scream, "yesyes yes daddy, please, I deserve it! Let me cum, I need to cum."

Your eyes are filled with tears, due to the slight overstimulation, "Fuuck." You whine, "Please please please."

"I think you can be louder than that." Sam rubs his thumb over your cheek before his hand pins your neck down to the bed, his thrusts picking up.

Your nails dig into the skin of his arms, dragging down to leave insta red lines, "Fuck!" You scream, moaning even louder, "Please! Please daddy! I need it so bad."

"Where do you want it? Hmm."

Immediately you're begging for it to be inside of you, "Pleasepleaseplease, daddy. I need it, all of it."

"Cum inside, make me a daddy for real?" Sam moans at the idea of seeing your belly round from his child with you, "Make you a mama." He moans into your near, "Fill you up, every last drop of my cum?"

You nod, a blubbering mess under him as you're at the point of wanting to just cry, "P-please."

"Aw, baby. Don't cry." He kisses away a tear that slips down to your temple, "Cum for me." You whimper as your body shakes, almost like he was in control of it the whole time.

You feel his cock twitch inside of you, his few thrusts guiding you through your high, "That's my girl."




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Thank you so much for reading! I love you all so much!! 

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