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इंतजार मुझे उस मौसम का है
  जहाँ पानी नहीं तेरा इश्क बरसे ♥️🤍

_______________Aarushi's pov______________

"Oh my goddddd, yessss!" I screamed and jumped with joy, hugging Paro tightly. After all, I was meeting her after six months.

"How are you, crazy girl? You forgot your Devdas, huh,?" I pouted.

"And you! At least I came here to meet you. Don't even talk about yourself," Paro complained.

"Will you two just keep talking to each other or remember we’re here too?" Rohit interrupted.

"No, no, brother, it seems we're no longer needed. We came for nothing," Rudra said, placing his hand on Rohit's shoulder.

We all laughed.

"How are you, Rohit?" I asked, giving him a side hug.

"All good, now  here with your  Paro," he replied.

"So, everyone, freshen up. We have another surprise this evening," Rudra announced excitedly.

We all went to our rooms.

"Ahhh, so much peace," I said, lying on the bed.

"So much peace," Rudra echoed, resting his head on my knee.

"You never let me say thank you. How can I express my gratitude?" I asked, caressing his cheeks.

"You know," he said, giving me a mischievous devilish smile.

"No, I don't. How would I know how to thank you?" I replied innocently.

"Really?" he said, coming closer.

I stared at him for a couple of minutes, then softly asked, "What is happening here?"

"Nothing yet, but there's a chance if you say yes," he whispered.

"No, absolutely not!" I pushed him away, making him fall onto the floor.

"I'm really tired, and I need to sleep. Bye!" I said, heading to the bathroom for a shower. From there, I stuck my tongue out at him teasingly.

"I'll get you for this," he said, rushing towards me. I slammed the door shut in his face.

"Arree, bachaa, don't do this," he pleaded from outside the door.

"No, Chipku hubby ," I said from inside.

"Please, let’s shower together. Let me in," he begged.

"No way!" I firmly replied.

I started taking a shower, trying to ignore all his words.

"Alone, huh? How could you?"

My eyes widened in shock when I turned around and saw him leaning against the bathroom door, watching me.

"You? Here?" I grabbed a towel and covered myself, as if he hadn't seen me before.

"How did you get in?" I asked, panting.

"Duniya ka koi darwaja hamare bich mai nhi aa skta bachaa !!  He said , showing me a hairclip.

{{"No door in the world can come between us,"}}

"Get out! I need to shower," I tried to scare him away.

"That's exactly why I'm here. Showering together is more beneficial for blood circulation," he said, leaning closer to me.

"Pyaar se maan jaya kro na bachaaa," he said, running his fingers along my thighs, "I don't like forcing you."

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