somthings coming (not edit)

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Colts POV

I felt bad i didnet mean to bring up bad memories. Andrew left after steve called for him.

"Jackson" i herd hannas voice say from the kitchen.

I was curious about this jackson guy. So i decided to move closer and listen to there conversation.

"Lemon!" the phone said with a smooth voice.

"Where are you and whats going on you haven't called since for ever!" the voice said rather loudly.

"Yeah i know, me and lilly are at pack,we sorta of ran into the storm so were healing up intell we head out agian" hanna finished.

"WHAT!"a female voice said really loudly that it made my ears ring. "Mom calm down" the voice said agian which was jackson.

"Amy im fine and so is Lily " hanna said and i looked over and saw her smile.

Her smile brought joy to me that eve i smiled.

Colt where is Elizabeth!

Anna half yelled through mind link. Dam whats up with people yelling thes days.

Calm down shes with lilly

I answerd her.

I just talked to some of the pack memebers they say they saw lilly and Elizabeth walk out of the gates

Anna told me.

The outcast are still out there!! I thought.

The thought of my baby girl out there with the rouges worried me but yet made me mad.

"Yo colt whats going on" hanna walled in. She finished her call and came back to tell me something.

"Lilly took Elizabeth outside the pack gates "i told her and she raised an eyebrow intell it hit her.

"The outcast!" she yelled and ran out of the room.

"Hanna!" i yelled and ran after her from the short time i knew her i knew she would run out there herself to find them both.

But i couldent let her do that. The pack gates dident open when she stood infront of them.

I grabed hanna and put her over my sholder "colt what are you doing!" she yelled and tried to break free.

"Your not going out there if i know lilly shes going to bring Elizabeth back here safe" i told her and dragged her back in the house.

I just hope so to

I send 2 scouts and 2 warriors out to look for them. It pained me that i couldent go myself but i had to stay here

Another thing was that if i left anna and hanna that would start somthing we dident want.

When the clock struck 11:45pm, anna mindlinkd me

There back!

"Hanna!!" lillys voice ran through the air.

Hanna pushed me aside and ran towerds lilly who was bring dragged away by alen and mike.

"Let go of lilly!" hanna yelled and her eyes flashed yellow, her body was tence ready to take on any one that wouldent listen.

Let her go

I told them and they did, they walked back behind me. Waiting for any command.

Annas eyes flashed gold and she handed Elizabeth over to me. I hugged her.

"Elizabeth" i whisperd in her ear.

"How dare you kidnapped my child!" she yelled and looked at lilly.

Lillys eye narrowed "i dident kidnapped her!" she yelled back.

Hanna growled.

"Mommy stop!" Elizabeth yelled with tears in her eyes. I looked at Elizabeths face her blue eys were clouded with tears.

"Lilly dident do anything! I wanted to go outside the gates you never let me! So me and lilly went we made bows and splashed in stremas, we ran and catched fire flys"

"She didnet do anything we were just having fun"

Elizabeth cried and i huged her, hannas eyes went back to normale. But lilly somthing was wrong with her.

Anna calmed down and grabed Elizabeth away from me "i want you and that human off my territory" she said snd walked back to the house with Elizabeth.

..... °_° some ones pissed now

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