Chapter 48

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

Putting me down finally, the lady gives me no chance to get back to mommy as she immediately shuts the privacy curtain.

"Now then! Let's get all your measurements so your mommy can go shopping for you!" The lady says as she doesn't wait for me to respond and immediately starts removing my dress and all my different layers.

"Sorry, little one. I just want to make sure the measurements are accurate, especially for undergarments, so the layers have to come off." She says as she leaves me in nothing but my trainers, chemise, and corset before pausing...

"Huh, I see what your mommy means now... Is this comfortable for you?" She asks as she adjusts and prods my corset all over, circling me. She seems to find all the places it doesn't fit exactly how it should as she does her examination before loosening it and examining it all over again.

"It doesn't seem to be the corset. This one seems to be fairly high quality, surprisingly. You have no idea how many times someone comes in here complaining about how a corset feels and I find out they only buy the cheapest one they can find! It's literally every day I'm telling someone you want to spend your money on a light, smooth chemise, and a high quality corset that hugs all the right places or no dress you buy is ever going to feel right!!" She complains as she helps me fully out of my corset now.

Grabbing her string tape measure, she starts taking all sorts of measurements, constantly mumbling to herself. She also keeps adjusting me and making me stand in weird positions I will never understand! Like when will I ever stand with both my arms stretched out like I'm trying to make a t other than here? Like what important measurements can you only obtain from forcing me in this position? I'm so lost in thinking about these things that I miss her moving to measuring my hips and discovering my trainers!

"Aww... you're in one of my trainers!! Wait... these aren't mine! Those blasted copycats must be back again! Every year they pop up with one of my products but they are always terribly made! You have no idea how annoying it is for me and my customers! That's why I always tell them to only buy directly from me if you want that guaranteed quality!" She says as she lifts my long chemise to expose my pair of trainers fully! Pulling them down, she completely exposes me and forces me to step out of them before I can even fully react properly. Covering my bottom by first just using my hands and then trying to pull my chemise down since she's behind me, she swats my hands away and removes that too before measuring everything.

"Relax, child. I see more naked people in one day than I care to admit. It comes with the job of being the one that is replacing the things covering it all up and doing it well. I could take your measurements with it all on but it's not precise then, and I want precise. Speaking of, I'll be right back!" She says before standing and leaving me there in nothing at all.

Lost at what to do because I don't want to go out there like this or commando since she took my trainers... the trainers with her, I just kind of stand there lost. Luckily she returns fairly quickly, carrying a lot of different things with her.

"Sorry about that, I had to talk to your mommy first. I actually have 2 types of trainers, one thin and one thick, so I had to see what one she wanted for you!" She says as she starts setting everything down.

"I also had to discuss your sizing options with her and figure out what she is actually interested in before I worked on what specific modifications you will need done. She wants almost everything though so this is going to take a while..." the lady says, laying out a bunch of paper...

"Sorry, what was the name again? Oh, wait... I know it... Little Bethie! These are the measurements for our very special Little Bethie!" She says, scribing down a bunch of things on the piece of paper. The name she gave me makes me blush and get very antsy, getting her attention as I kind of dance around.

"Oh... sorry! I totally forgot! Come here and let's get you started!" She says after looking at me and waving me over. When I get there, she is digging around at the bottom of a rack before coming up with something and holding it low to the ground for me to step into.

Carefully, using her for support, I step into it and let her pull it up and into place. It's rare for me to let my attendants fully dress me like this but it does happen on occasion so I'm not too fazed by it. It's still slightly embarrassing though but I try my best to hide that.

That's why I'm especially thankful when she relieves my embarrassment by handing me a robe to cover myself up with. Once it's on, she immediately takes my hand and guides me out the door, ignoring my questioning look. When she turns the light on in another room and practically forces me inside with a hand on my back, I practically freeze in place. She took me to the potty! Why does everyone feel the need to take me to the potty today!?

"What is it? Do you need your mommy to help you go potty?" The lady asks, making me want to slam the door on her for embarrassing me like this! No, I don't need my mommy... my mother! I can go potty... go to the bathroom on my own! I also know when I need to go and am perfectly capable of taking myself without assistance when I need to!!

"Well? Do I need to go get her?" She asks again, making me realize I never responded. Shaking my head no, she just shrugs and gestures for me to get moving then.

"No pretending to go either! It drives me crazy when one of you pretends to try and then needs to go badly enough that we have to stop 10 minutes later! Go potty, wash up, then come join me in the room we just left so we can continue, please!" The lady says as she shuts the door for me.

Just standing there, I realize it will be near impossible to go potty in this robe so remove it and inspect my new underwear. It's another pair of trainers that feel thicker but at the same time weirdly thinner. What I do know is they fit a lot better and are way more comfortable. I also hate to admit it but they are a lot cuter too!

They have little animals on a giant hot air balloon on it with lots of clouds that are shaded in all sorts of colors! It is very cute and way better than the other, plain pair I was just wearing!

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