Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

"Mom! Kinuha niyo na yung phone ko, pati ba naman telephone?!" I protested. I was trying to dial Kim's number and invite them to come over our house since i am grounded and God knows, this silence is killing me!

"What? Cold treatment? How long will it last, huh? I've been here for 1 week, mom! One fcking week with no one to talk to. Do you have any idea how hard it is?" I'd seriously go insane if this set up continue. 

"Do you have the least idea how hard it is for me to know that my only daughter is doing drugs? To know that she's troubled and that she didn't think of me as an option to help her? Do you know, Dana? It's killing me!"

"You don't know anything. Don't speak as if you're concerned. All you cared about is your business. And dad? He's not around. He's always not around. All work and no play makes your daughter a bad girl. Remember that, MOM." She's speechless. She cried. Again. Then walked out. I don't know. Everytime i speak, someone cries.  Am i that heartless? Is being honest a crime? I was just trying to explain myself, but everytime i do, someone is getting hurt. Maybe lying is a better option.

3 days later

I was at the kitchen, pigging out for lasagna. I want it eat it badly. I'm starving for foods lately. I don't know, maybe eating is my only consolation here in our house. No internet, no phone, no television. Eating is my only way of surviving.

"Yaya! Where are you?" I was looking for my yaya because i'm going to ask her to bake lasagna for me. I'm really pigging out, and i've been gaining weight. Damn it.

"Dana, anak, may bisita ka." Yaya told me. I immediately went outside. Hearing that i have a visitor feels so good to my ears. For the first time, someone came over. Alleluia for that.

As i go to our living room, "What the hell are you doing here?" I raised a brow.

"Is that the proper way to greet your friend, Dana?" Mom scolded me as if i am some six year old girl. Old school.

"That's fine, auntie. Okay lang po." He said. Tss. Paawa effect. 

"No, Andrei. Sumosobra na yang bata na yan eh. Hindi na marunong gumalang." 

"Marunong akong gumalang, sa mga taong kagalang galang nga lang. And you don't belong to my list.. And neither are you."I glared at Andy. 

"The same goes. You, too, already lost my trust. Including my respect." She told me as if i care? Truth be told, your mother is the first villain in your dream life. I should know.

"I'll be going, Andrei. Talk to that lady. Try to put some sense in her crooked mind."

"Sige po, auntie." Then she went away. 

"Come with me." I stood up and led him to my room. I opened the door, "Come in and let's get this started."

I went near him and kissed him. I kissed him like the way he want it, slow but fierce. I placed his arms on my waist while mine were on his neck. Then i slipped my hand inside his shirt and  started pulling it, signalling him to take it off. But he didn't, so i did it myself. I kissed his cheeks, down to his neck, down to his collar bone while i took his shirt off. 

We kissed harder. Hard enough that the next thing i know, I was on top of him, cathing my breath. 

I gape at his eyes and started removing my shirt but, "What do you think are you doing?" He asked. "Getting naked?" I sarcastically told him while unhooking my bra. "Stop it!" He shouted. "What? This is what you want, right? Sex. I'm giving it to you. Just quit playing games with me after this."

"This is not what i want, Dana. Sex is sex. And i don't want it."

"What is it that you want then?"

"You. I want you because i love you."

"Oh shut up, i'm allergic to lies."

"I-i better get going. I'll just come over tomorrow." He stood up and covered me with blanket. "Don't do that again, alright? I respect you." He kissed me on my forehead. "By the way, i brought lasagna. I just thought you don't want baked mac. I placed it on the table. See you tomorrow."

Tell me, should i feel guilty?

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