Chapter 48

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What the hell did I just see?.  How can she do that? Was it really luck? This is too much. Let me just mind my own business. I signed and went to the weights section. The barbells and dumbbells gleamed under the bright lights. I selected a set of weights and started lifting them. 

I was so busy doing my exercise that I didn't hear someone entering the gym. But the moment I heard footsteps behind me, out of reflex, I swung my fist, ready to punch the person, but unfortunately, the person took a hold of my fist before it punched him.

"That was a poor attempt. You still lack a lot," the person holding my fist said. When I looked up, I was shocked when I saw  Alonzo.

"Brother, I didn't know it was you," I said, removing my fist from his grip. 

"You lack a lot. The power you used to swung your fist just now was so low." " Wanna spare with me?" he asked. What am I saying? He never asks, so I guess he was stating the obvious. It didn't matter whether I would refuse or not.

"What can I say, even if I don't want to, you will still force me, so I don't see the reason why you would ask me that question" I said holding myself from rolling my eyes at him.

"I will act like I just didn't hear what you just said right now. Let's go to the ring. You may take the gloves, and you will need them." he said, heading to the ring.


After about 2 hour of being trained, no, being tortured by Alonzo and Leonardo who came about an hour ago and decided to join Alonzo in 'training" me, I was so exhausted and I know I looked like shit right now.

"You are a fast learner, little bro. It wasn't that bad. You will in no time get a hang of it, try training more often. You are very good at fighting. You just need a little bit of training on hand to hand combat, " Leonardo said.

"That was so good. It was nice to spare with you, Steve, you ain't that bad," Alonzo said. Is he for real? I mean, I couldn't even lay a few hits at him. He was invisible, and my elder brothers are so scary I'm telling you. I don't even think there are people who will manage to beat them.

"I'm out of here," I hurriedly said and took my towel, wrapped it around my neck, and went out of the gym. I don't want them to call me back for the 'training' again. 



In a dark room on a couch sat a blonde haired girl with grey eyes staring at her phone. Her fingers gloved in black leather, she was wearing her black assassin outfit, this girl was non other than Alissa she was in her room waiting for Asher's call.

In about 2 minutes her phone rang. She picked it up. "Sure, I will be there," she said before she hung up the phone. She stood up from the couch and climbed down through her window. She got inside the audi r8, which was packed a few meters from the Rossi's building. Inside the car, there was Asher. The moment she got in, the car set off.

"What's the mission?" Alissa asked

"To kill the leader of the Crigas gang, Mario Damis, he does human trafficking." Asher responded to her. "Why did you choose this mission?" she asked, "For fun. " He smirked at her through his mask.

"Where is he now?". "He would be at an underground club, the Scarlet Lotus, surrounded by his most trusted guards." he answered her.

After a few minutes, Asher parked his car, got out of it, and opened the door for Alissa. When she got out , he closed it. They walked towards the club.

As they approached the club, Alissa and Asher exchanged a silent nod. They slipped through the back entrance, blending seamlessly into the shadows. The thumping bass of electronic music masked their movements as they made their way through the labyrinth of corridors.

Alissa's senses were heightened. She felt the presence of guards before she saw them. Two men patrolled the hallway ahead, oblivious to the danger lurking in the darkness. With cat-like agility, Alissa  darted forward, her twin daggers flashing in the dim light. The guards crumpled to the ground, taken out before they could raise an alarm.

Asher followed close behind, his keen eyes scanning for any signs of trouble. They reached a large door guarded by a heavily armed brute. Asher took aim with his silenced pistol, the bullet finding its mark with deadly accuracy. The guard fell, and they slipped into the room beyond.

Inside, the atmosphere shifted. The private lounge was opulent, filled with plush furniture and expensive decor. At the center of the room, surrounded by bodyguards, sat their target: Mario Damis. He was a man of formidable presence, but tonight, his confidence would be his downfall.

Alissa and Asher sprang into action. Alissa engaged the bodyguards, her movements a blur of lethal efficiency. She danced between her foes, her daggers slicing through flesh and bone with surgical precision. Asher provided cover, his shots taking down any who dared to approach.

The room erupted into chaos, but the duo remained calm and focused. Alissa's every move was calculated, and her strikes swift and silent. Asher's bullets never missed their mark, each shot a testament to his unerring skill.

As the last of the bodyguards fell, Alissa and Asher converged on Damis. The once-confident man now trembled, realizing too late the peril he was in. Alissa's blade pressed against his throat, her voice a cold whisper.

"Your reign ends tonight," she said, her grey eyes locked onto his.

With a swift motion, it was over. Damis slumped forward, his lifeless body a stark contrast to the vibrant life of the city outside. Alissa and Asher stood over him, their expressions unreadable.

The mission complete, they made their escape, disappearing into the night as silently as they had arrived. The city's neon lights flickered, oblivious to the deadly dance that had just taken place in its shadows.

Ones they were inside the car. Asher glanced at Alissa, a hint of admiration in his eyes.

"Well, that was quick, we make a pretty good team, don't you think," he said, his smirk returning.

"Continue driving." she said, "By the way about the new student, Nate wasn't lying. There will be one tomorrow," Alissa continued as Asher drove.

"How are you sure about that?" Asher asked her. "Dad told me," 

"Who is that person that your dad knows?" "You'll see tomorrow,"


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