Chapter 50

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We arrived in school, and we got out of the car.

"Yoh bro," Rocco said, walking towards Aries along with Reign. They did a bro shake and talked for some time. "I thought you would be suspended after what you did yesterday."

"Like I give a shit," Ari said. "Dad was angry when he heard about it, more angry when you did not show up for dinner, both of you," Luke, Eric's son, said.

"I don't care," "Let's go, Ali. I will walk you to your English class," Ari said. "No, I will go, you go to your own class." "Are you sure?" he asked, and I nodded.

"Okay, I will see you at lunch." He gave me a hug before walking inside the school with Rocco and Reign.

I walked to my English class, I opened the door and went straight to my seat. "Alissa, you are late to class. Will you tell us the reason?" Ms. Ruth asked.

"No," I said, and she just shook her head and continued with her lesson. I looked outside the window as my thoughts shifted to Kimberly. I should really keep my distance from her, I don't want the poor girl to get in a dangerous situation because of me.

The English lesson ended so fast and I went to the next one, which was Biology, Asher and Nate were attending the same class as me. I sat beside Asher the whole of this lesson.

When there were 30 minutes left for the biology lesson to end, the classroom door opened, and in came a beautiful girl with black hair.

"Young girl, why did you come late? There are only a few minutes left for the class to end." Ms Ruth said to the girl.

"And why does your face seem to be new to me?" Ms Ruth continued.

"That's because I'm a transfer student." The girl said.

"Oh okay, then introduce yourself to the class, please,"

"My name is Visha Kang," the girl said. It's not surprising that this girl is the one I was to accompany.

"Hey, her surname is Kang. Is she the Korean mafia princess?"I heard Nate whispering to Asher, who just nodded in response.

"Why did she transfer to our school?" Nate whispered again, but this time, Asher ignored him.

"Okay, Ms Kang, though there are only a few minutes left for the lesson to end, you may sit down anywhere you want.

Visha looked around for a moment and  stopped when she noticed me. She flashed me a smile and came to sit at an empty seat beside mine.

"Hi," she smiled at me.

"Hey," I said.

After the siren rang, I packed my stuff inside my bag. Everyone was already out of the classroom, and the only people left were me, Asher, Nate, and Visha.

"Let me introduce myself, Hi, my name is Visha Kang from the Korean mafia. Nice to meet you."She put her hand forward for a handshake and looked at me. At least she didn't stutter.

"Alissa De Leon, the Italian mafia heir, but I now go by the name Alissa Romano," I said as I took her hand and gave her a firm handshake.

We broke our handshake, and she turned to look at Asher and Nate.

"Hello guys, I guess this is the Russian mafia heir, Asher Kingston and his right handman...?" She said before she paused.

"Nate Hayes, my name is Nate Hayes," Nate said.

"Okay, Nate,"

"Okay, let's go to the cafeteria," I said.

"By the way, I'm a fan of yours, you know?"Visha said as we arrived inside the cafeteria.

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