Chapter 49

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

Standing there admiring my trainers, I'm startled by someone picking me up. Placing me down in front of the potty, I realize it's mommy as she bends down and pulls my trainers down.

"You scared me!" I complain to her, earning an eye roll.

"I knocked. It's not my fault you weren't listening..." Is my only answer as she picks me up again and sets me down on the potty now.

"I was told you might need me so I decided to check in on you. We don't have all day, Beth. The quicker we get this done, the more time you will have picking out dresses. Keep zoning out and we might just have to leave without any dresses!" Mommy threatens as she leaves me sitting on the potty all by myself!

Sitting there, I eventually do end up going potty so clean myself up after. As I'm doing so, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have an accident in these trainers. I mean, it is what they are made for but I have no desire to actually go potty in them! I'm far too much of a big girl for that!

Done cleaning myself up and thinking about acting like a little baby, I make quick work of getting dressed again and washing up. Once fully done, I make my great escape by sneaking past the changing room I'm supposed to enter and finding mommy in the pullup section!!

"Caught you!!!" I yell proudly as I jump out of hiding to scare mommy! I just knew I couldn't trust her! This is probably the whole reason we are here in the first place! She is probably trying to buy pullups to turn me into a full baby now!!

Spinning to face me, I watch mommy grab my arm once the fright fades and yelp when she delivers 3 hard slaps to my bottom! Okay, they weren't that hard but they were loud and they startled me!

"What are you doing out here, young lady? Why aren't you where you belong, getting measured?" Mommy asks in that scary voice that makes me lose all courage. Shrugging because I don't know what else to do and don't feel courageous enough to answer her, mommy delivers 3 more slaps to my bottom!

"Lie to me again and I will drag you back into that bathroom for a proper spanking. Am I clear, young lady?" Mommy asks, waving her finger in my face like she did when I was little. When I only nod yes, I get another smack to my bottom, this one kind of hurting.

"Use your words Elizabeth. You aren't mute! Now again, am I clear?" Mommy asks again, her finger back in front of my face.

"Yes... yes, mommy. You clear," I say with a sniffle.

"Good! Then why are you out here? I know there is a reason!" Mommy asks, holding me in place by her hand on my arm.

"Saw... Saw the pullups... an-and the diapers... didn't want you getting any," I struggle to tell her.

"And why not?" Mommy asks with that warning look that makes me gulp.

"Be-because I don't need them! I don't want them either! Trainers are embarrassing enough!" I tell her, stomping my foot and trying but failing to cross my arms as she is still holding one!

"And what makes you think they would be for you? Why exactly would I even look to put you back in pullups or a diaper? Have you been having problems again? Is there something you need to tell me?" Mommy asks with a raised, threatening brow as I'm left blushing and shaking my head frantically no.

"No! No, mommy!! Don't need... or want!!" I add, not fully satisfying her it seems...

"Elizabeth..." She says in that what aren't you telling me voice that makes me squirm in place.

"Don't have accidents anymore! Don't want them! Don't want trainers either!" I tell her looking away until she forces me to look at her by holding my chin too. Now I'm stuck by her side and looking at her! Why did I ever come out here!?

After staring into my eyes for what felt like an eternity and forcing me to stare back into hers, she finally releases my chin with an eye roll before pulling me in close and picking me up to rest on her hip. Once I'm settled, she goes back to her shopping silently.

"You know, you might be my only baby, but you aren't the only baby. I do have friends and acquaintances who might be interested in these products. I also help run a business that is always interested in getting their hands on high quality products. You have no idea how in demand a high quality cloth diaper is for anyone taking a long distance boat ride with a child. They can't exactly run into a store to pick up supplies while out at sea and I do just happen to live by a very busy port city, child." Mommy points out, making me kind of embarrassed that I assumed she was only shopping for me.

"Sorry, we live in a port city. Can't forget that, now can I?" Mommy corrects herself, bopping my nose in the process.

"We are also going to visit my extended family and one of my nieces, so your cousin, has a toddler that will be in pullups soon. They aren't exactly in an area that has many options for shopping so if I can help them with better quality items than they have, why wouldn't I? You have no idea how terrible a leaky pullup is to deal with, child. You were spoiled with only the best and still are! Now go, we don't have all day and I need those measurements. I wasn't joking when I said we have a schedule. We are expected at the house by evening and we still have lots to do!" mommy says, putting me down and practically pushing me back in the direction of the changing room.

Glancing back at her as I walk every now and again, I try to remember her words that she isn't shopping for me, especially when she picks up a package of pullups that has a picture of someone looking way older than a toddler! If I didn't know any better, I would even say they look suspiciously like something that was made for me! Before I can even think about turning around to say anything though, I walk right into something hard and feel myself being grabbed!

"There you are! Why are you out here? Did you not remember what changing room we are in or are you just that eager to go shopping? Well either way, measurements first, young lady!" The lady tells me before dragging me back into the room before I can so much as utter a word of complaint!

"Now stand right there and don't move or I will get your mommy to come deal with you! I take no responsibility for what will happen after that but from experience, it's never anything good!" She says, making me stand stock still as I definitely don't want mommy to come in here! I just know if she does, she will most definitely give me that spanking she has been promising all morning!

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