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MIDNIGHT woke up, crunching his eyebrows. Even with closed eyes, he felt the intense brightness on his face, and he couldn't help cursing that shameless old man who told him that if he needed anything, he could look for the butler. Yet, when he searched for the butler and requested a blackout curtain for the French window, his request was denied.

The butler and the old man teamed up to tell him that the French window shouldn't be covered.

For some reason, he was too tired to argue back and just returned to his room, lay on the bed, turning his back on the French window.

It was exasperating. And now, with a blinding light shining on his face, he felt his sanity slipping away.

He took a deep breath to compose himself and stood up, staring expressionlessly at the French window.

He took it back. French windows were terrible.

Anyone could see that Midnight was in a foul mood, so when Happy went to fetch Midnight for breakfast, she hesitated before speaking.

"Um... breakfast is ready."

When Midnight heard Happy's voice, his foul mood couldn't be seen anymore. "Do I have to go?"

"Yeah." Happy gave a slight wry smile. "It's a rule that breakfast must be eaten with family."

Midnight hid his confusion. Was there really such a rule or was it just made up? Their house didn't have such a rule. Going without food for a day was not even a big deal.

What's with the people in this house?

He looked at Happy. "I'm not part of the family."

Unfazed, Happy smiled and waited for Midnight to join them for breakfast. It was at that point that she realized the French window had no curtains. "Would you like curtains for that?"

Midnight blinked at Happy. "Will you give me some?"

"Of course."

Midnight was inwardly relieved. "Thanks."

That 'thanks' surprised Happy. She was not expecting that. "Um... welcome." Then she tentatively gestured her hands. "Let's go?"

However, Midnight's primary concern was the damn French window. "The curtain first."

"Oh. Alright. I'll get a pair for you."

Happy left and Midnight eagerly awaited for the curtain. When Happy went back and handed the curtain to Midnight, Midnight wasted no time in placing it on the French window.

When the room plunged into darkness, Midnight sighed in relief. That's better.

Only then did Midnight follow Happy to the dining room, where Dominick was waiting for them with a wide, welcoming smile.

"Come, come. Let's eat." He looked at Midnight. "I don't know what you like, so Klaus cooked a lot."

When Midnight heard that, he looked at the food on the table. It was really a lot.

Midnight, who was used to one meal a day and with only one viand, was not used to seeing so much food on the table. Will I be punished if I didn't finish all this?

Taking his seat at the table, he fixated on the food again, as though it were a foe to be conquered. Dominick couldn't help laughing.

"Relax, Night. Just eat whatever you like."

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