Chapter 13

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After the dancing, Sam introduces me to a few people, his hand firmly on my back for support.

"I can barely walk."

"You're doing fine."

I smile because his reassurance makes me feel better and I can see by the way he looks at me that he knows his words worked.

He ushers me to an isolated gazebo to the far right and we sit down on chairs around the rim of the gazebo.

A lady wearing extremely high heels and a dress which hides nothing, walks right in. My mouth must have fallen wide open because she smiles in my direction before walking and sitting next to Sam.

Her hand rests gently on his thigh but by the way he moves close to the right, where I'm sitting, I can tell he doesn't like it.

"It's nice to see you Diana."

The tone is different from the one he used with me. This time it doesn't seem genuine at all and I can't help but smile at that.

I hate seeing women throw themselves at him. Do they have no self respect?

"Well it's always a pleasure to see you Mr Anderson" she says as she moves closer to him.

In reaction to that he subtly moves further to the right and suddenly our thighs are touching.

He does it so smoothly though, but for some reason I can tell he is feeling uncomfortable.

Diana reaches out and runs her hand against his arm.

"You're not single by any chance. We'll I guess not. Girls must throw themselves at you all the time."

At this comment I let off a small laugh that forces both Sam and Diana to look at me. Sam smiles at me while Diana fumes.

"And who is this little puppet you have here. Is she one who seeks a bit of company? I don't blame her though. You are extremely good looking."

"Diana, must I warn you that you're at my party, and these are my guests. They deserve the utmost respect."

"Of course Mr Anderson." She stops to run her hands through his hair but he grabs her hand just as it touches his hair. "So you still haven't answered my question. Are you single?"

I do the most craziest thing I've ever done. At that moment instead of punching Diana in the face, I grab Sam's hand and squeeze close to him.

"I'm actually his girlfriend" I say as I run my free hand through his hair. He doesn't seem to stop me and part of me was expecting him to. Instead he looks at me and then suddenly puts his arm around my back and pulls me even closer.

"Meet Violet Jones, my girlfriend" he says. I blush at the mention of that and he definitely notices it.

Diana does an awkward smile and I can tell she's embarrassed. "Pretty but I believe you can do better."

She stands up as Sam pulls me up as well, his arm still around my waist and our bodies pressed close.

She shakes his hand about to leave but Sam stops her in her tracks by saying "it doesn't get better then this."

He turns and places a kiss on my cheek. Enough for my legs to wobble. I feel like I'm about to fall and Sam senses it too. He pulls me tight against his body and the muscles on his shoulders pop through his shirt as he supports my weight against his.

Diana's face turns red at this and she stomps off trying to show no reaction at this whatsoever.

Sam doesn't let me go. Instead he waits a good two minutes until she's gone from sight before he twists to face me, his hand still around my waist as he grabs me and set me down to sit.

"Are you okay, Violet?"

I nod, unable to speak.

"Thanks for saving me like that" he says with a wink. "I'm afraid I'll have to drag you everywhere with me now and you'll have to stick by my side to save me if that ever happens again."

I laugh. A full hearted laugh and Sam just watches as I laugh. Suddenly I stop because he is staring at me.

After he notices I'm okay, he grabs my hand and pulls me up.

Back in standing position, my legs feel like jelly. I don't want him to know though so I try hard to stand still.

But it's not possible because he kisses the side of my cheek again and runs his hand across my face.

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