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H a r r y.

When he met Bay that next evening she was laying across the bed, reading that horrid book. He didn't say a word as he entered the room and yanked it from her grasp, trashing it.

"It's time to talk," Harry mutters, sitting on the bed beside the small girl. She sat up and placed herself beside him, there bodies touching.

"Can I explain?" She asks, looking up at him innocently.

He nods slightly, lifting a hand to rub her cheek. He tried his best to be sincere but he was still furious with her. She'd talked to the workers, as she was told not to, and she had read dirty books that a worker had given her, she then continued to fight Harry and go against many other rules. She knew better.

"I know you say not to talk to the workers, but you know how much I love going out in the garden. The flowers are pretty and they smell good," she explains, looking at him for assurance. "Zayn was so nice and he picked flowers for me sometimes. We talked for a while, not everyday but when we did talk he had a lot to say. He's just my friend, he knows I love you."

"Get to the point Bay," he replies lowly, eyes darkening with anger.

"I- One day, I was reading in the garden and he asked if I had ever read... that book. I told him no so the next day he brought it to me. It was just a friendly gesture, Harry. What's wrong with that book anyway? It's nice," she says.

He sighs, rubbing his face with one hand and gripping hers with the other. "Darling, the book has dirty scenes. Scenes you shouldn't be reading, scenes you sure as hell aren't seeing in a theatre. Next time make sure I approve," he replies. His cheeks are rosy from the anger built up inside him as he tries being gentle with her, a different approach.

"But we do that stuff all of the time," she mutters. Her head drops slightly, pouty lips forming on her face.

"Yes, but that's not the point, I-"

"I care for Zayn and I didn't want him to get fired because of my foolishness. Please hire him back," she begs, looking up at Harry with pleading eyes. "He's my only friend."

"Don't cut me off," he growls. "Zayn's ignorant we didn't need him working anyway, we have plenty of gardeners."

"Harry, please-"

"What's my name?"

"Daddy, I'm sorry-"

"What do we say?"

Tears well up in her eyes as she pulls her hand from his. "Thank you, Daddy," she snarls.

He kisses her head as he stands, leaving the room without another word. She was furious and she had to get Zayn back. It would cost her, but she'd kiss Harry's ass for a year to get back her only friend.


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Question: what will Bay do to win back Harry's trust?

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