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Paisley's Point of View

Six Years Later...

I stood at the island of the kitchen reaching over to grab a bowl while my engagement ring stuck to my finger like glue. My mother stood across from me chopping up vegetables for a salad as I then watched her carefully.

Little kids ran around absorbing this beautiful day, playing games while adults created conversation amongst themselves as the house filled with laughter and overflowed with joy, my mother smiled as she chopped up tomatoes, her blonde hair now a little longer, falling as her head faced down to focus on her cutting.

"What?" I questioned my mother as one of Bree's friends, Brooklyn zoomed past me carrying a pixie stick and then she chugged it down and I could already tell that it would be a struggle to get that little girl to sleep tonight.

"Nothing, I'm just really proud of you." She said as she lifted her head to see my face.

"You are?" I smiled small.

"Yes, Paisley. You've turned out to be a great adult and even though I was against you raising a child at eighteen, I think that you've made the right decision to do so. You were a better mother than I was and you were only eighteen...you could have left Stephan and walked away from the responsibility but you didn't and you're doing a great job. You're a great mother." She said completely putting a halt to her chopping to give me her full attention while I listen as I watched myself pour custard into the bowl I had placed before me, feeling a big smile stretched widely on my face. 

"Thanks mom. That really means the world to me." I said and then I walked around the island so I could wrap my arms around my mother as she did the same. She smelt so sweet and holding my arms around her had felt like home now more than ever.

"Pumpkin, Stephan wants to know if you need any help?" My father spoke as he entered the kitchen and then flung the fridge open so he could grab some beers.

"No it's fine, and dad no drinking." I said as I quickly walked over to him and snatched the beer can from his hand, clutching them tightly against my chest. "This is an eight year old's birthday party." I said smiling as I shook my head at his actions joking a little.

"Honey, the kids think it's apple juice anyway and we aren't drinking in the house we're outside in the yard."

"We?" I questioned.

"Stephan, Toby, the guys and me." He shrugged and then I began to laugh.

"Dad you're so cute!" I smiled and then handed him the beer can with caution.

"No getting drunk okay, tell Toby I said that." I replied and then my dad chuckled. Now that Orin and I were all grown up my father had let loose and decided to become a teenager again, which I didn't mind at all. I was glad to see him happy.

"Okay, Pumpkin." He said kissing my forehead before making his way out of the kitchen. His eyes scanned my mother who's cheeks had reddened.

"Hey." He nodded while a smirked played on his lips.

"Hi, Peter." She mumbled and then he smiled wider before walking out and leaving us alone once more.

"Oh my god, what was that about?" I giggled as I stared at my mothers blood red cheeks.

"Pais, you're so nosey." She brushed it off as she began to laugh under her breath while tucking her locks behind her ears.

"Whatever." I smiled and then felt a little person crash into me, wrapping her arms around my waist as her throat screamed with an innocent laughter.

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