Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

"Are you nuts? Ipapakilala mo ako sa parents mo? You've got to be kidding, Guzman."

"Do i look like i'm kidding? They are curious. Lagi akong wala sa bahay, tinatanong nila kung ba ako nagpupunta."

"Then tell them that you're going somewhere, anywhere but not on my house!" He's insane! Oh God! Help me.

"I told you, i already quit on lying. Why are you scared, by the way? It's not as if they'll eat you alive." Then he chuckled. Now i know the feeling of meeting your future parents-in-law. Not that i'm saying that they'll be my future folks. It's creepy. No joke.

"Shut up. I don't want to go there. You should kill me first."

"Well then, you gave me no choice." Then he went near and carry me. You know? The bridal-style? Eep. This is humiliating!

"Let go of me, a hole! I'm not going in there! Aaagh!" But he didn't listen to me. I swear, you'll pay for this.

"Shut up, nakakahiya ka oh. Pinagtitinginan na tayo."

"The hell i care? I don't even know them."

"Then shut up for me. Baka isipin nila rapist ang anak ng may ari ng hotel na 'to. Tss. That'll be a big news."

He's what? Oh God. Bakit ang yayaman nila? I feel--- broke?

"Ikaw na. Self-centered, egoistic brat!"

"I'm not a brat. Ikaw lang naman ang pinagsabihan ko. Ang ingay mo kasi."

"Whatever. Kung alam ko lang, binili ko sana lahat ng nakita ko kanina." Yeah. If i just knew.. I should've bought that diamond necklace i saw. What a pity.

"There's always a next time, don't worry. Behave. Malapit na tayo." Then he stopped in front of a first class restaurant. I'm not a fan of fancy restos. I prefer fastfoods. Ang tagal kasi ng fine dining, samantalang sa fastfoods, mabilis na, mura pa. Talk about being practical.

"You must be Dana? The girl our son is wooing?" My eyes went like this---- O.O


"Oh, see? Louie must really like you. He's blushing.." Ok-aay. I'm lost. Since when did he start wooing me? Tell me!

"Shut up. Ma, Pa, this is Dana, my----"

"Friend! Yes. He is my friend. He must be fooling when he told you that he's courting me. You know? Andy is a silly guy. He loves fooling around...."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, madame.."

"Sayang naman. You two look good together. Am i right, darling?" 

"You're right. What's your full name, iha?" A man who looks really like Andy asked me. As in. I'm pretty sure Andy will look like this when he turns 40 or so.

"Dana Kathryn Ferrer, sir."

"You're too formal. Just call me tito Alberto."

"Sounds good. Let's order." Then they asked me what i want to eat, i just told them that i'll have whatever they have for me. Hoo. This is awkward.

"By the way, paano kayo nagkakilala ni Louie?" This is hard. Paano ko sasabihin na nakilala ko ang anak nila dahil iniwan ako ng boyfriend ko dahil hindi ako marunong humalik? I'm sure they will kick me out of this hotel in no time.

"Schoolmates. Right, Dana?"

"Yeah. Right. We met at St. Claire's."

"Then you must be from a good family. St. Claire's is an exclusive school. What's the business of your family, iha?"

"My dad is the businessman while my mom is a fashion designer.."

"What line?"

"Ferrer's House of Fashion, madame."

"Oh. That's why your last name sounds familiar. I'm a fan of your mother's collection, tell her that. And please do call me tita Louisa."

"I would love to tell her that, tita Louisa." Then i smiled. His folks are nice. 

"Do you know Lynne, iha?"

"Mom!" Andy shouted. As usual, he's sensitive whenever Lynne is being mentioned. I guess he never really moved on.

"What? I'm just asking. Nothing's wrong with that, am in right?"

"Of course, tita." Then i looked at Andy. "I know Lynne. Andy loves telling stories about her. And from what i've noticed, he's still in love with her. Right, Andy?" But he didn't answer, he turned pale.

"Enough with Lynne. She's already at peace. Let's not talk about her."

"We better go. Baka hinahanap na si Dana sa kanila." Then he pulled me.

"Bye, tito and tita. Hope to see you soon."

"See you soon, iha." Then we go. 

"Anong problema mo? Nag eenjoy pa ako dun eh." Silence. He didn't answer me. "Bakit? Natameme ka na naman. Nabanggit na naman kasi si Lynne. Tss." Then he did the unexpected. He kissed me.

Seconds. Minutes. I really don't know. All i know is my heart went wild. Is it love or is it lust? Again, i really don't know.

"I love you, okay?" Then i pulled him and kissed him again. I have no idea. Right now, i just want to kiss him..

"Don't take this wrong. I just love kissing you. No more, no less.."Then we kissed again. And again. And again. Mindless of the people staring at us.

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