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Picture above is of Rebecca's room.

My mother is an extremely strict, hard headed women. Goodness, if she heard me say that! I'd be off to the slaughter house!

She always gets her way, no matter what the circumstance. This is the reason why my parents are such a fantastic pair.

My father succumbs, my mother is happy, therefore my father is happy for he no longer is bothered by her consistent complaining and moping about. Unlike me.

I always suffer my mother's wrath on every and all subjects. Now for instance! We are at Georgic's, the best dress shop in the city.

My mother insisted I get a brand new wardrobe, saying that the rest of my clothes are too old and dull.

So here I am, getting the life squeezed out of me by an old croon, who is too simple minded to know that a corset does not need to mold into my rib cage.

"There we are!" She finally spoke, patting her hands on her apron.

"All done, dearie."

"Perfect!" My mother cried.

"I do enjoy Salmon on my daughter, but you may bring other lightly toned colors out for us to try. Also, bring out a few pairs of shoes, she'll be needing a pair or two as well," my mother demanded.

I withheld my eye roll, it would just get me into trouble later.

"Right away ma'am!" The clerk cried cheerfully.

I glared at her retreating figure. She's most likely dancing with joy at all my mother's request. She knows already that she'll be making a pretty penny off of us.

She wobbled back out with heaps of dresses stuffed in her arms. I glanced pleadingly at me mother, hoping she would change her mind.

Unfortunately, she was too busy eyeing the dresses with an eager expression. I sighed, stealing myself for the long afternoon of a fitting.

                    6 hours later

I winced as my mother and I walked out of Georgic's. My feet were aching from standing on the wooden platform for hours and my stomach was growling with hunger.

We had purchased many dresses, more than I could ever wear, as well as many a pair of shoes. Not to mention accessories like gloves, hats or jewelry.

"Mother, many girls prefer to wear a bra and panties instead of a corset or halter. They say it's much more comfortable," I suggest softly.

She scoffs lightly.

"Please! Corsets are much better for your figure and look marvelously with your dresses. Beauty has a cost, dear," Mother remarked, climbing into the limo.

I don't understand how my mother approves of cars and not modernized underwear.

"Corsets are better for your figure!" Well cars are horrible for the environment.

"Beauty has a cost!"
So do cars! And limousine drivers. And so does gas. I question my mother's way of thinking often.

As soon as we pulled up to my home, a tall, expensive house that had over 7 floors, butlers came out to carry my luggage up to my room.

"I am feeling a bit wore down, I think I shall take a nice, long, soak in the bath," my mother declared, taking the stairs up to her bedroom.

I watch her go silently, then dart into the kitchen. I go to the fridge (Yet another expensive, modern appliance that my mother oddly approves of) and pull out a snack.

I sit down at the bar to eat. Goodness lord, I was hungry! My mother is a bit of a slave driver when it comes to shopping. She enjoys the activity much more than I.

I'm much more like my father, quiet and content to sit down and enjoy a nice, long book. While my mother is energetic, and talkative.

She prefers to remain in motion, and enjoys busying herself throughout the day.

Speaking of my father, he chose them to stride into the room.

"Good evening, Rebecca," my father greeted, popping open the refrigerator door.

"Good evening, father. Have you read any good books recently?" I wondered.

He nodded.

"I've been enjoying an American author recently. James Patterson? Ah, yes. He's not half bad," he comment, then brought out his flask and filled it with alcohol.

I nod, agreeing. 

"I do believe I read one of his series a few years back," I said thoughtfully. My father was silent as he filled his flask, then wished me good night, and left. I frowned, feeling a bit lonely.

I stepped up the marble stairs, making my way to my room. My room was truly beautiful, but it was flamboyant and all the riches spent on this room were unnecessary.

It is an irony that I, daughter of one of the richest families in the country, do not enjoy spending waste fully.

I went to my window, which showed a beautiful view of the garden, and sat in the chair. The sun was setting on the horizon.

In fact, there was only a sliver left of the large star. I observed, completely enthralled as the sky lit up with it's pink, purples, oranges, yellows and blues.

Then, it was over. The sun sank, but the colors of the sky remained. Like the sun had stained the sky with it's beauty.

Suddenly, a loud, piercing scream echoed throughout the house.

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