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Clouds started to block the moon
Invading the sky. Covering the sky like a blankit of fluffy white cotton.

Elizabeth tried to convince her mother anna that she wanted to go outside,that its not lillys fault.

Hanna and lilly were in the doctors room getting there back pack and other things for there way back home. Colt helped then by bringing some food.

"Im going to get some fruit" colt said and walked out the room. It was silence between hanna and lilly as they packed there things in the old beat up back pack.

Hanna digged at the bottem of her back pack feeling some sort of jewelry. She reached down and took it out.

The neackles that jackson gave her lay in her hands. She stood there staring at the howling wolf thinking.

"Hanna are you mad at me" lilly intruded her thoughts. She held onto the neackles and turned to face lilly.

"No" she answerd quietly. Lilly took a step forward and brought hanna into a hug. Hanna hugged her back and held the neackles tighter.

Hannas phone vibrated, she answerd it


a pricing howl came through the phone making hannas ears ring.

She droped the phone making colt run into the room.

"What the hel-!" he was cut off when a crashing sound of orders and commands were herd. "Take the children and pregnant woman to the safest point of the pack house!"

It yelled and another howl was herd. Hanna froze that howl sounded like the out casts howl they encountered on there way here.

"hanna we-were un-under attack!" jacksons voice broke through along with growls and shouts and yells.

The phone lay in the floor, hanna froze

M-my p-pack

The phone went dead silence.

A howl was herd outside along with the sound of pounding paws running towerdst the gates.


That word snapped colt he ran out the room, hanna and lilly followed

Children cried mixed with the howls and growls of the out casts. Hanna sniffed the air the out cast were getting closer.

"Get the children to the pack house! Guard the gates don't let them get past!" anna yelled ordering and helping her pack mates around.

Lilly's eyes focused on Elizabeth who was holding a little boys hand while he wheeped and cried. "Come on we need to go to the pack house!" she yelled over the noises of howls and cries.

"Fighters come with me! W'ill defend the gates from outside" colt yelled. A blazing lit of fire shot up into the sky, it was an arrow on fire that landed right in the middle of the ground.

A howl broke through that called to the clouds covering the moon and its light.

Yes yes yes a new battle is about to begin and this book is coming to its end but as i said before there will be a sequel to this book, but anyways i dont know you know this but i am a huge anime fan and i got this idea to make sorta of like my own anime but in a book.

And i was wondering would it be odd if i happend to publish it when so far the books i have published are on werewolfs and sush sorts of things.

If you would be interested in my anime like story could you tell me down in the comments, if you would please do so.

As today good evening,good morning or good night which ever is it!

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