Chapter 39 (Third's POV)

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"Talon what did you say to Duke?"

Winter paced around the room as Talon sat on the floor watching her move around. He watched her as he sees the stress and tension in her body language. She wasn't happy at all especially towards him.

"Isn't it better. Now he will work harder to find you in this hell hole of a place?" Talon said.

"He could have killed you. You know that, so why did you do it? To antagonise him? To taunt him that you have found me and he hasn't. How is that suppose to help me? It isn't the way to go about it" Winter said leaning her head against the wall.

"Then how are you going to get out again? You made a deal with your father and Duke is the only one that can free you from that deal." Talon said leaning against the wall.

Winter drops herself onto the bed, her head in her hands. She press her fingers to both sides of her temples as she feels a headache approaching. She sighs.

Talon stares at Winter, seeing how her silver hair wasn't shining as much as it was a week ago. He saw how stressed she was by the situation and there was nothing he could do about it. Talon's jaw clenches as he knew he couldn't do anything to help her.

"Just let Duke be, ok? He can live his life now with his little sister. I have done my job. I don't need to do anything related to him anymore. Just let him live his own life! Don't endanger him and his sister anymore, Talon!" Winter shouted at Talon feeling confused and angry.

"But he can save you. He's the only one that can save you. If he can't find you here, then you are just going to be stuck here for the rest of your life. How can you be happy with that?" Talon shouted back at her.

Talon's anger resided when he looks into Winter eyes. She looks up at Talon with teary eyes before looking down at her hands. Talon walks slowly towards Winter and kneels in front of her, taking her hands in his.

"Sometimes, it's not easy Talon. It's not easy to live with so much power. It's better if I'm locked her away from people especially people who I love and care for. If one of them died because of me, I don't think I would know what to do." She sobbed leaning onto Talon's shoulder.

"It's not your fault that you have such amazing yet powerful powers but you need to know that you can't always live like this. You have to think about your own live? You might think it's selfish to think that way and it is but everyone thinks that way. I hate to see you suffer like this." Talon said stroking her hair.

"I-I just can't imagine the damage I would make. The people I would k-kill. I-I just don't want to see all their bloody faces or sobbing loved ones. I don't want to cause any damage. How people wish for powers like this but all it does is bring suffering." She mumbled into Talon's shirt.

"People are people. We have all seen the disasters that was brought to our orphanage and childhood. All the greed and evil the citizens of the City of Caliber had. How badly they treated us but none of those things were ever your fault Winter." Talon said wrapping her into his arms.

"I just-"

"Sometimes you need to stop blaming yourself for the things other people do. Sometimes you have to do things for what you want. Right now that is Duke. You need him cause you both connect. We both understand each other but you guys connect with each other in a way that we can't. It's not selfish when you love somebody, Winter." Talon said.

"Talon..." Winter sobbed.

"I love you Winter. You know I do but I know who you love and who you want. He is the one for you even though I hate to acknowledge that but it's true. So don't feel guilty about your feeling for Duke. You helped me when I was in a dark spot, it's my turn to help you now. So just let me do so." Talon whispered into Winter's ear.

Suddenly the door of the room burst open as it wood turns into ashes. Talon turns around while still having a sobbing Winter in his arms. His heart rate started increasing as he sees the intruder.



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