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The dress Rebecca came to the castle in

I hunted down my mother later and she ground me eagerly for details. I told he how he demanded that I live at the castle with him and how he was so forceful and rude. She gaped at me.

"Rebecca..." She trailed off softly.

"This is... This is..."

"I know, mother. It's horr-"

"Fantastic!" She squealed.

I blinked.


"I knew it! I just knew it! C'mon, we have to get home and pack your finest dresses!" My mother claimed, dragging me to the carriage.

"Mother! Wait!" I cried.

She ignored me and kept pulling me to the car. Finally I was done. I snapped.

"I don't want this!" I cried, ripping my wrist from her hand.

She's stood there, shocked.

"Have you ever wondered that, mother? What I wanted? If I wanted to go to these balls if wear these extravagant dresses?

Did it ever occur to you that maybe I did not enjoy dancing or gossip? That I would rather spend time at home with you and father, reading a book instead?" I ranted, tears in my eyes.

She stood there, eyes wide before she controlled herself.

"Rebecca Theodora White, you will go to that castle. Not because I wish it, but because you must. You will make the best of your position, and you will smile, or so help me, I am not your mother," she replied stiffly.

Once again, I was left shocked. She turned and started walking to the carriage. This time, I followed silently.


Two weeks later, I've packed my finest dresses, jewelry and a few objects with personal meaning. I slip on my grandmother's ring, one of my most prized processions, then went down stairs to say goodbye.

My parents and all the servants of the house were there, lined up towards the front door. I descended, smiling and waving goodbye to all the Chiefs, butlers and maids. Then I made it to my parents.

My father smiled at me sadly. I felt tears come to my eyes as I hugged him tightly.

"If you ever miss me, don't be afraid to call or write," he said, handing me a wrapped package.

I gave him a watery grin, before opening my present. I gaped. It was an old copy of Where the Wild Things Are. It was the first story my father ever read to me when I was four years of age.

"I know you've been oppressed by your mother's antics, but she means no harm. Don't be afraid to snarl and gnash your teeth. Fight to be yourself, and to do what's right," he whispered fiercely.

I beamed at him, and wrapped my arms around him once more before moving onto my mother. She stood there, back straight, and hands placed in front of her person.

"Good luck," she said, nodding.

I nodded back. After my out burst, my mother has been very withdrawn towards me. I guess she never comprehended that I did not adore all these things she adored. I think her eyes are open to who her daughter really is.

I went out to the awaiting limo. A man in a clean cut suit stood there waiting. I went passed him to the opened door of the car, and slipped in. I watched as the expensive, flashy, boisterous home I've always known, slip away. In that moment, I wished that I'd had never gone to that ball.

The castle was gigantic, made of an amber material, and pierced the sky with it's greatness. I felt a bit threatened as we pulled up to the grand building.

The car parked, then a man came around and opened the door for me. I sent him a grateful look before getting out and stretching my legs.

My luggage had already been taken here, I only had a single suit case now. I went up to the palace, and stared up at the proud, bold building.

I would be living here until the prince decided he didn't want me. If he decided he did..... Then I would never go home. I took in a deep breath, mentally steeling myself.

No matter what, I will make sure he doesn't pick me. That must be what my father meant, I have to fight to do what's right.

And that's to go back home.

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