28. Unaware of the Danger

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The festivities started as soon as, in the world above us, the sun had set. But sundown was a relatively subjective thing considering that there was no sun whatsoever to be seen in the kingdom of the Drakii. Their underground domain was filled with shadows and everlasting darkness, with no ray of sunlight to be found. 

It was interesting to watch the occurrences around us take place. Sirius seemed rather interested in the food that was being served, while Remus was watching the people with interest. I was looking around carefully, taking in every detail. This all seemed surreal in a way. There was a huge bonfire lit in the middle of the open space in the stone hall, and around it the Drakii were dancing and eating and having fun. Food was being served, tables set up near the bonfire, the smell of roasted meat and spices heavy in the air. Music was being played, the tribal rhythm resounding all round us. 

"So, Aurora, when did you find out your old friend Enobaria married the Drakii king?" Sirius leaned in to whisper the words in my ear, and I knew he thought he had caught me scheming and plotting.

Which he had.

"The moment I got my assignments I started reaching out to my informants to gather information. I've traveled the world and made a network over the years that keeps me informed of everything that happens in the Wizarding World that could  be of any interest to me. Finding out that Enobaria was now the spouse of the Drakii king wasn't information that was hard to come by" I said with a shrug as I gave him a pointed look over my shoulder.

"You little minx" Sirius breathed with a charming smile "You've got one hell of a skill set. I can see why Dumbledore left the diplomacy to you"

Remus chuckled, but nodded his head in agreement.

"Very impressive, Aurora" he said with a nod to the people around us. I was receiving many curious and admiring looks "Your diplomatic skills and powers of conviction are truly something"

"I do what I have to, as is my duty" I muttered under my breath. I didn't particularly consider those skills some of my best attributes. It was just what I was good at. 

"Now you're starting to sound like some old matron, Aurora darling" Sirius joked as he playfully elbowed me in the side.

"Maybe my rather extensive vocabulary goes beyond your powers of comprehension, Sirius" I said with a roll of my eyes, sticking my tongue out at him in a rather immature gesture to take the edge of my statement.

"You wound me" Sirius said, pretending to be hurt.

"Stop quibbling like a pair of children, would you?" Remus said with an amused shake of his head.

Food was being served, the smell of burnt meat and spices permeating the air while the sound of molten fat dripping into the fire, sizzling and crackling, sounded very clear to my ears. My stomach reacted violently to the smell, and instead I reached for a glass of fruity wine that was being served in carved wooden bowls, in the manner befitting the Drakii tradition. The music, the voices, people laughing and talking, dancing, it all blended into a cacophony of noise that buzzed in the back of my head like an angry nest of hornets.

Sirius, on the other hand, started scarfing down his food like he hadn't eaten in days, the mountain of food on his plate rivaling Mt. Everest. He was obviously enjoying himself, and tapped his foot on the floor in tune with the music.

Remus was also eating, although he was doing it a bit more civilized than Sirius. He was tasting every bite cautiously, and looking around in a pensive manner, a serious and perhaps crestfallen look on his face. I wondered if it had anything to do with Tonks. By now I was convinced that the two had feelings for eachother, and yet it seemed that something was keeping them apart. I feared it was Remus's reluctance or perhaps fear to let someone close.

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