Chapter 42

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 Duke and my father were going at each other like tigers. Both hitting each other. I'm amazed that Duke was even landing hits on my father. I didn't like this at all. I summon air around me and push it towards them, forcing them to separate.

"Stop it!" I shouted at the both of them.

They both stopped glaring at turn to look at me. I didn't want them to fight. I didn't want this. I look towards Duke pleading him with my eyes to leave but he shakes his head not wanting to leave me here.

"Father, please go." I said turning to my father who was watching Duke.

"I'm disappointed in you. What makes you think you can talk to your father like that? You're not a little girl anymore. You can't demand me to do things and you know better than to plead with the enemy, dear. You are even worst then your mother. She was so pathetic that I even wonder why I married her. Oh wait, I remember it was for her powers. Her amazing powerful powers. How she gave them to me when she was begging for her life before I killed her. I loved how her body laid on the floor, lifeless." My father smiled at me.

"You sick bastard. How can you do that to your wife? Someone you're suppose to love. Someone you are suppose to take care and keep safe but yet you did the opposite. You killed her for her bloody powers. The women you love, you killed her just for power. You're a sick human." Duke snapped at my father.

"The women I love? Huh, I don't remember loving her in the first place. She was always too kind and lovey-dovey. She was too weak for me. She didn't used her powers properly. Her powers demanded greatness and a proper host. A power as strong as hers didn't deserve to belong her but someone who knew how to use it." My father grinned at Duke.

"Why do you want power? What possible answer can there be that you wish to have such powers? Don't you know the pain and suffering it has on people and the users. Don't you understand that there are some things that shouldn't be messed with. Winter's mother deserve more than such a horrible husband." Duke snarled.

Suddenly my father had Duke in his hands around his throat. He was choking Duke, digging his skin into his flesh. I made the wall shot out pushing my father away from Duke hitting my father in the abdomen. Duke fell to the floor gasping for air and coughing.

I start at my father who was getting up from my small attack. I turn the floor under him into ice causing to slip and hit his head hard against the wall. The ice rose from the floor and caged around my father. My father looked at me in anger for caging him.

"Dear, let me out." My father gritted his teeth.

"Winter don't." Duke coughed out getting up.

I go to Duke and help him up to his feet. I could feel my father's gaze on me and watching my every move. I turn back to look at my father and shot him a glare. Spikes made out of ice start growing from the cage making dad stand still.

"Dear, you know this won't hold me." He said looking towards Duke.

"Don't call her dear. You don't deserve to call her dear not after all the suffering you have done to her and to the people she loves." Duke said panting.

"I can call my daughter whatever I want son. She is my daughter after all. You have no right to talk to me like that boy. Respect your elders." He scolded him.

"I don't see you as an elder. I see you as an enemy. I see you as the man that has been torturing Talon. The man that has been destroying cities and towns. The homes to people. I see you as the man that is constantly hurting Winter even though she hates you. I know a part of her still acknowledges you as a father but I won't stand for it. The way you hurt her is not called father love. The way you take her away from me and kept her here where I couldn't trace her because there was a barrier. I won't let you hurt her or my friends and family any more." Duke said.

"What makes you think you can stop me?" My father said before the ice shattered everywhere, freeing him.

"I can stop you because I love Winter."

I saw Duke's face turn into anger. He didn't understand what was truly going on. I didn't want this moment to happen. I don't want this to happen so soon especially now.

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