Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

"Birthday ni Dave. Wanna come?" Andy asked me. Like duh? I'm not yet insane to come with him. I perfectly understand that i'm not invited. Unwanted. Simple as that.

"Wanna die?"

"Why? Para namang wala kayong pinagsamahan ni Dave."

"Don't act as if you don't know anything. He hates me. Sara hates me. They hate me. Yet you still want me to come? Do you hate me, too?" Everybody hates me. Even my mother does. I'm one heck of a lucky girl, right?

"They don't hate you. You're already forgiven, if that's why you don't want to come." How come? The last time i checked, they abhor me. "You don't believe me?" I nodded. "Sht. Ang tigas talaga ng ulo mo. Pumunta ka na kasi. Once a year lang magbirthday yung tao, hindi ka pa pupunta. Matitiis ba ng konsensya mo 'yun?"

"My conscience was burned months ago. Sorry to say."

"I'm counting one to five. Start dressing up or i'll be the one stripping off your clothes?" He said what? Pervert! Maniac!


"You can't be serious." He smirked.




"What the fck? Where's number three?!"


O-kay. Breathe. What should i do? Should i call 911? There's a perv beside me, for God's sake!

"Stop right there." I gulped. Sht. I'm feeling nuts. "I'm serious, Andy." I can feel it, he's fcking serious. With that thought, my face went pale.

I closed my eyes and waited for the next event. I started counting inside my head. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. I slowly peeked and saw Andy staring at me. His eyes look sad? 


"Haay. Mission failed. Akala mo gagawin ko talaga?" I nodded. "I told you, i already changed.. I changed for you.." Then he smiled. You know? The so called painful smile. "Hindi ka pa rin nagtitiwala. I respect you." Then he sighed. "Pero hindi pa rin ako susuko. I need to earn your trust. Even if it takes a lifetime. I will. For you." Then he went near me and kissed my forehead."I'm just a text away if ever you change your mind."



I ran immediately towards Andy and said, "Available pa ba ang offer mo?" I said that with a big smile on my face. Sht. This is weird.

"Alam mo? Para kang kanta ni Katy Perry?"

"Like what? Ang layo ng sagot mo sa tanong ko. Tss."

Bigla siyang nag ehem-ehem, "Kasi naman, 'You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes." He sang. Fck. Super natawa ako. Teary eyed na ako sa katatawa.

"Don't ever do that again. I might think that you're gay! Hahaha!"

Honestly speaking, i miss this. I miss him. I miss the old me. I miss us.

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