One on One

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Rebecca's dress.

So, for the past week, Maddox has been dragging me out to do things. Usually, by the end of the night, we both leave either annoyed or one of us smug, and the other furious.

I have to eat breakfast and dinner with him everyday, then we usually go out during the afternoon. Today, like most other dats now, Madame Floorè came over and made me look my best, picked out my dress and everything.

Then I was sent off for breakfast. I found the dinning room with Maddox, Queen Maryanne and King Theodore already there. I went to my spot by Maddox (which he made me take) and sat quietly.

I exchanged a warm good morning with the queen (who is my only friend here), said a polite hello to the king (who doesn't seem to like me but puts up with his son's antics), then stiffly ignored Maddox.

He finally said good morning to me, sounding amused. I turned and nodded at him briefly before bringing a spoon full of breakfast into my mouth.

He chuckled at me, amused. I attempted to ignore him throughout the meal. After, I made an attempt to run back to my room, but was stopped.

"Oh Rebecca! I have a proposal," Maddox called smugly.

I groaned inwardly before straightening and retracing my steps back to him.

"How would you like to go on a tour of the kingdom today?" At this I perked.

A chance to get out of the castle?

"Why that sounds excellent, Prince," I agreed quickly.

He smiled, then informed me to be ready in 5 minutes. I nodded, then made my way to my room. I grabbed my over coat, since my dress showed a little skin and ladies had to be properly dressed in public.

One thing that I think stupid, if I say so. Men could streak around town if it so pleased them, but women can't show any skin below there collar bone and elbows.

It's ridiculous! If I did have to marry Maddox, that's the first thing I would change about this country. I met Maddox at the end of the stairs and when he offered his arm, I begrudging took it.

We walked to the limo, then Maddox opened the door for me. I slid in and sat as far away as I could. He ducked through the door and sat next to me anyway.

I sighed, frustrated, then looked out the window. The car started, and the bug gated that surrounded the castle opened, and for the first time, I felt free.

I let out a breath and smiled, relieved. Then, Maddox spoke.

"I don't think I've ever seen you smile like that," he commented.

I frowned at him.

"That's because usually when a person is held captive, they are not happy about it," I replied cooly.

He shot me an annoyed look.

"You are treated like a princess. You shouldn't complain," was all he said.

I shot him a glare.

"You don't seem to comprehend what I've been telling you all along. Gold doesn't dazzle me.

I don't swoon for the amount of money in your wallet, and I definitely am not attracted by a title.

I care about the person, and the way they act. How they actually make me feel," I say, producing each word carefully.

He looks at me intently for a moment, like he was analyzing my statement.

"Driver! Turn around. Head to 4563 Julian Boulevard," Maddox suddenly directed.

The driver agreed, then made a U turn. Maddox nodded once at me, then turned to his window and watched, focused on the passing trees and flowery brush.

I eyed him. Julian boulevard? I never heard of it. Maddox's nearly perfect face scrunched in concentration, like he was worrying about something.

I watched, fascinated by the way emotion clouded his eyes. Those rich blue sapphire eyes flickered, before turning to me questioningly.

I blushed lightly then turned to my window. Outside, the world whirred past.

I wonder where the prince is taking me.

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